Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle riders in Gurgaon arrested for ‘Patakha’ sound

The Gurgaon Police has taken penal action against three youths on a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle for making a ‘patakha’ sound through the motorcycle’s silencer. The three youngsters were arrested for making silencer ‘blasts’ in Sohna on Friday. These are the first arrests in the region for this offence.

The local Police feels that the arrests will send a strong message to all the bikers who want to seek attention using loud exhausts and doing stunts on public roads. An FIR has been lodged against the three youngsters, who belong to various villages near Gurgaon, under Section 160 of the IPC at Sohna City police station. The cops have also impounded the Royal Enfield Bullet that Gajender used for making the loud noises. It has come to light that Gajender had borrowed the motorcycle from one of his friends for a joy ride. The trio was released on bail on Saturday.

Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle riders in Gurgaon arrested for ‘Patakha’ sound

As per the police, the three youths were nabbed on Sohna Road around 3:15 PM on Friday for causing disturbance to other road users. “They were riding dangerously and creating explosion-like sound to scare away other commuters. They were disrupting peace. We understand the craze but ruckus on road is not tolerable. So, we took action,” said ASI Om Prakash, the officer who booked the three youngsters. “We have also impounded their bike which will be released only on the order of court,” he added.

“Such sound creates panic among commuters, and can also lead to mishaps. Youth should be discouraged from indulging in such activity. Bikes speeding along city roads and NH-8, making patakha sound are common here. Police should take prompt action against all such offenders,” said advocate Sanjay Nasa, a Sector 5 resident. Speaking about this, a traffic cop said causing silencer ‘blast’ is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act. “But the problem is when we apprehend someone for creating such noise, we cannot prove his offence due to lack of technical know-how and evidence. Offenders mainly take advantage of this legal loophole.”

Speaking on the issue, DCP (traffic) Deepak Gahlawat said that loud exhausts have been a nuisance and cops are trying hard to put an end to this by issuing challans to violators. He also said, “We are thinking of taking help from mechanics to understand the mechanism behind it (silencer blasts). But from now, we will seize bikes if riders cause any noise pollution.”

via TOI