Royal Enfield Bullet puts on a fiery display thanks to its LED wheel lights [Video]

Royal Enfield is without any doubt, one of the most loved motorcycle brands in the country. Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic 350 motorcycles have a cult following. Royal Enfield is often chosen by many customisation houses for modification projects and we have seen several beautifully modified examples of Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past. We have featured similar examples on our website too. Here we have a Royal Enfield standard Bullet with LED lights installed on the wheels that give it a distinct look at night.

The video has been uploaded by Bullet Tower on their youtube channel. The video simply shows how these lights have been installed on the bikes. What all changes have been made in order to install this set up is also seen in the video. The video starts by showing the LED strips that will installed on the bike. Both strips have multiple LED lights in white and orange colours.

The light is first installed on the rear wheel. In order to do that, the workshop fabricates a round metal frame with cross metal plates inside it. The whole thing is painted in black and after that, it is installed on the top of the rear wheel hub and after installing it, the LED strip is stuck to the newly installed frame using adhesive.

Royal Enfield Bullet puts on a fiery display thanks to its LED wheel lights [Video]

After sticking it to the frame, the rear is assembled and then they move to the front wheel. No extra effort is made for the front wheel. They simply come with the LED strip and stick it on the front wheel hub. Then the wires are connected to the battery and switch. These lights have a separate switch which can be turned ON or OFF depending upon rider’s convenience.

The bullet seen in the video gets three spoke alloy wheels. That along with the dual colour LED strip looks good at night. The total cost of this modification according to the video description is only Rs. 1,000. These types of modification do not have any purpose. By modification people want to give their motorcycle a personal touch and that is what the owner has done here. Some of them may like it while others may not. One thing is for sure, it’s a definite eye catcher.