Royal Enfield Bullet rider tries to escape police checking: Collides with another biker [Video]

Most Royal Enfield riders have been a major menace on the roads of the Indian market, especially on the roads of Punjab. The police of the Punjab region mostly set-up checkpoints in different parts of the city to catch Royal Enfield riders with modified exhaust. Here is one such rider who saw the police check point and rode his bike onto the wrong side of the road to escape the check pointt. While the police tried to stop him, he tried to escape and fell down after hitting another biker.

The video shot by the media who were present at the check point show that the unidentified Bullet rider took the turn to the wrong side and tried to escape the police. However, since it was a very heavy traffic situation, the rider could not escape. The motorcycle could not turn in time and he hit a Hyundai Eon, which was coming from the opposite side of the road.

He then hit another biker head-on and fell down. The police present at the point rushed to help him. They also got hold of the bike and tried lifting it up too. The other biker received some minor injuries on his hand. No damage was done to the Hyundai Eon. The other biker was visibly angry and dissapointed by the act. He started calling for help.

Punjab Police seized the motorcycle at the spot. They also did a thorough checking of the rider. Since Punjab is a hotspot for drugs, the police always suspect that someone escaping or doing something suspicious is a peddler.

Even the rider was calling for help and he also blalantly denied that he was trying to escape.

Cops can use video footage to issue a challan

Royal Enfield Bullet rider tries to escape police checking: Collides with another biker [Video]

This is not the first time that someone was trying to escape after getting waved down by the police. In the past a video of a bike with three riders mocked the police after getting stopped and escaped from the spot.

The resident of Sector 25, Chandigarh and owner of the bike, Vikrant was tracked down by the cops within 48 hours of the incident. He was handed a Traffic Violation Information Slip (TVIS) for seven offences. The list of offence includes triple driving, driving without a helmet, disobeying traffic signal, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving on the cycle track, dangerous driving and endangering the lives of other with negligent driving.

Stop after getting waved down

In the present time, almost all the police teams are equipped with wireless units that can be used to ensure that such vehicles can be stopped by the cops deployed ahead. Running away from the cops certainly means that you have done something wrong. Even the government is taking steps to streamline the process of issuing fine and challans. Most police officers simply click a picture of the violation and send the challan online. It is a much bigger crime to run away from the police officers when asked to stop for any reason.

If you feel that you have been issued a fine wrongly, you can always contest that in the court or by complaining to senior police officers. Yes, that’s a long process but it is the legal way of doing things in India.

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