Royal Enfield Bullet rider’s backseat riding stunt in UP’s Moradabad goes viral [Video]

We have said it several times in our articles that public roads are not the place to pull of stunts. It is extremely dangerous but, it looks like people don’t actually care much and continue to do such stunts on roads. In the last couple of days, we have come across several incidents of similar nature. This time around, we have a video from Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad where a person riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle is seen performing stunt on public road.

The video has been shared on Twitter and has already gone viral on the internet.  The video shows a man sitting on the backseat of a Royal Enfield motorcycle and riding the bike. It should be noted that he is performing this stunt on a public road. The incident has been reported from Moradabad’s Pakbada police station area. As per the report, the person was riding the bike like this on the National Highway. In the video, we see the person sitting with legs on one side and holding the accelerator with one hand while the other one remains free.

It is not clear whether the person was doing these stunts for any social media video or not. Few seconds into the video, the rider then increases the speed and goes ahead. It can be clearly seen that he is riding down a flyover on the National Highway. The possibilities of rider losing balance and falling onto the road were pretty high. Especially when you consider the fact that he was not sitting on the bike properly. According to the reports, the cops have come across the video and they have also identified the vehicle using the registration number. They have taken necessary actions against the rider. SP Traffic of the region has said that the driving license of the rider will be cancelled and the person would be fined for doing such dangerous stunts on road.

Royal Enfield Bullet rider’s backseat riding stunt in UP’s Moradabad goes viral [Video]

Such incidents have become common from the region and recently local police had seized 2 vehicles and suspended the driving licenses of youth who were making videos for social media while sitting on the bonnet of a moving car. Doing such stunts on public roads is extremely dangerous and we have stressed on this topic several times in the past. By doing such stunts on public road, the person riding the Royal Enfield Bullet was not only putting his own life at risk, but the lives of other road users too. Above all this, the rider is also not wearing a proper riding helmet which would save him in case of an accident.

In case, the rider loses control of the bike, there is no way, he can stop the bike as both his legs on the left-hand side of the bike. There is no way, he can stop the bike without actually crashing and injuring himself and other people. We have seen such daredevil stunts on television during the Republic day parade but, those stunts are pulled off by professionals and that too in controlled environment. If you really want to do such stunts, try to do it on private property or a closed road.