Royal Enfield Bullet retro-motorcycle to get single channel ABS; Launch next month

Royal Enfield Bullet to get single channel ABS; Launch next month

Royal Enfield will soon offer ABS on its motorcycles, and no, the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 won’t be the first Enfields to get ABS. Instead, the Bullet 350 and 500 will be the first motorcycles from Royal Enfield to get ABS. According to a report on Car Blog India, the Bullet will get a single channel ABS. What this means is only the front wheel – which features a disc brake – will have ABS. While a single channel ABS is not as effective as a dual channel ABS (which works on both the wheels), it’s a lot better than not having ABS as at all. The Royal Enfield Bullet really needs ABS considering its heavy weight.

The main reason why Royal Enfield is opting for a single channel ABS instead of a dual channel unit has to do with costs. A single channel unit will be cheaper, allowing Royal Enfield to comply with the upcoming safety regulations that mandate ABS on all motorcycles with engine capacity of 125cc and above. A single channel ABS unit will also result in the Bullet ABS not getting much more expensive. A price hike of around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 is expected on the Bullet ABS. The motorcycle could be launched in early April. Apart from the Bullet, even the Himalayan will soon get ABS.

However, it remains to be seen if Royal Enfield offers a dual channel ABS system on the Himalayan, like it does on the export model sold in Europe. This said, the upcoming 650cc twin will feature dual channel ABS as standard. We hope that other motorcycles sold by Royal Enfield including the Thunderbird and Classic range get dual channel ABS rather than single channel ABS. People who are shelling out close to Rs. 2 lakhs won’t really skimp on a few thousand rupees that a dual channel ABS adds to the overall price. A dual channel ABS is superior to a single channel unit although most braking happens on the front wheel.