Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6 in the first walkaround video

Royal Enfield is one of the biggest manufacturer of retro styled modern motorcycles in the country at the moment. Major contribution in these sales is done Classic segment motorcycles. Royal Enfield is now working on BS6 engines to make their motorcycles compliant with the upcoming emission norm. a few days ago a video had surfaced on the internet that revealed the changes in the upcoming BS6 Classic 350 variant. Here we have a video that does a detailed walk-around video of the new Royal Enfield CLassic 350 BS6 variant and shows what all has changed.

The video has been uploaded by Bullet Guru on their youtube channel. This is the same youtube channel that released the pictures of the BS6 variant earlier. The video starts by showing the changes in the BS6 Classic 350. The changes include an EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection system which replaces carburetor. The FI system controls the air-fuel ratio and enhances the operational efficiency of the catalytic converters. BS4 variant used to come with twin spark plugs whereas the BS6 variant only gets one.

Other changes include, carbon control sensor and an extra filter that controls the carbon particles that come out of the engine. These are major changes to be seen in the new BS6 model. Other updates include some cosmetic changes like a nine spoke black alloy wheels which replaces the spoke wheel. The tyre is now tubeless, as the alloys can accommodate them. This is one major change that a lot of Royal Enfield fans and buyers have been waiting for.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6 in the first walkaround video

Unlike the BS4 versions, headlights in the BS6 Classic 350 do not turn on when you put in the keys. only the parking light glows and the headlight lights up only when the motorcycle is started. The instrument cluster gets ABS notification lights as the Classic 350 now comes with dual channel ABS as standard. It even has reserve fuel indicator and engine malfunction indicator. Exhaust note of the new BS6 variant has that thump but is not as loud as the older versions, this could be because the addition of new filter.

The Classic 350 will still be powered by the same 346-cc, 4-stroke, twin-spark engine that generates 19.8 Bhp and 28 Nm of peak torque. According to the video BS6 engines are currently available in Stealth black, Gunmetal grey and chrome models of Classic 350. Other models in the lineup will get the BS6 set up soon. The BS6 Classic 350 is expected to be 10k-12k pricier than the current BS4 version.