Royal Enfield Classic 350 modified into a Harley Davidson lookalike bobber [Video]

Harley Davidson is probably one of the most recognized motorcycle manufacturer names around the world. The brand made its foray into our country last decade and has been offering its full model lineup here since then, barring a few models though. Harley bikes are also a great source of inspiration for modifiers around the country as they try to recreate the same look by modifying other affordable motorcycles. In such Harley inspired mod jobs, Royal Enfield bikes are the most popular ones to be chosen by modifiers. The video below by Vampvideo also shows a similar concept where a regular Royal Enfield motorcycle has been modified into a Harley Davidson lookalike. Let’s now check out the video before going over the details of this mod job.

This Harley lookalike bobber started off its life as a regular Royal Enfield Classic 350 but now has been transformed into a hot looking bike. The front end gets a fat 140 mm tire along with a chopped fender to make its intentions clear on the first sight. The indicators are clear plastic aftermarket units while the headlamp is a projector unit. The stock handlebars have been swapped with a Vardhenchi unit while the instrument pod is all digital now. Just like the handlebars, the silencer pipe is also a Vardhenchi aftermarket unit and sounds pretty good without being too loud.

The tank is a typical Harley Davidson inspired peanut design piece that is then followed by a stylish black saddle. Both these elements give the bike its typical bobber look and that lime green shade further accentuates the aesthetics. An aftermarket air-filter is also in place to help the engine breathe better. The rear tire is also quite a fat unit shod on stylish machined rims. A chopped fender caps the wheels and gets a thin LED strip that acts as the tail light. All in all, this modified Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a pretty decent mod job that will grab eyeballs wherever it goes.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 modified into a Harley Davidson lookalike bobber [Video]

Talking about the Royal Enfield Classic 350, the bike is powered by a 346cc, unit construction engine that pumps out 19.8 Bhp of power along with 28 Nm of torque. The motor gets a carburettor as standard, along with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Royal Enfield is currently developing the newer generation models of the Thunderbird and Classic range that will feature BSVI engine along with a lot of other changes. Expect the new generation Classic 350 to be launched during the second quarter of next year, after the BSVI emission norms come into play. Also, the prices of the new bike is likely to be substantially higher than the current models due to the upgrades and costs involved in the BSVI transformation of the engine.