Royal Enfield Classic 350 modified into a Harley Davidson Sportster lookalike [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles are pretty famous among motorcyclists and are also a popular choice among those who love to modify bikes. We have seen many modified examples of Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past and have featured some of them on our website. The Royal Enfield Classic series of motorcycles act as a perfect base for any type of modification and that is why they are so popular among customizers. Here we have a video where one such motorcycle has been extensively modified to look like a Harley Davidson Sportster.

The video has been uploaded by Bullet Tower on their youtube channel and the modification work has also been done by them. The video starts by showing a Royal Enfield Classic 350 being rolled into the garage with no seats. All the parts on the rear section of the motorcycle are then dismantled including the wheels, suspensions and exhaust pipes.

After taking it down, other parts like, the fuel tank, handle bar, speedometer, head of the motorcycle are also taken down. Once every part is dismantled, they start installing it with custom made parts like a new fuel tank that resembles a lot with the unit seen in Harley Davidson motorcycles. A frame for installing the saddle seat is also made and the rear mudguard is also redesigned and is more wider to accommodate a wider section tyre.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 modified into a Harley Davidson Sportster lookalike [Video]

The alloy wheels on this motorcycle has also been replaced with a new unit and wider tyres. After all this is done, all the parts are once again taken down and are sent for painting. The motorcycle gets an all black treatment and the parts like engine, fuel tank, side panels, seat, alloy wheels are all given a black paint job. It even gets an all black aftermarket exhaust.

The handle bar on this motorcycle remains the same but the speedometer console is now fully digital and the headlights have also been replaced with a projector type LED units. It now gets dual function LED DRLs and an after turn indicator set. The tail light is an LED strip that is placed under the seat. No changes are made to the engine of the motorcycle. Overall, the modification works looks very neat and the approximate cost of this modification is between Rs 70,000 to Rs 1 lakh.