Royal Enfield Classic 350 OUTSELLING Bajaj Dominar, Yamaha FZ25/Fazer: 5 solid reasons why

Royal Enfield Classic 350 OUTSELLING Bajaj Dominar, Yamaha FZ25/Fazer: 5 solid reasons why

The Royal Enfield Classic has unmatchable sales figures in the Indian market. The 350-cc bike sells close to 50,000 units each month whereas competitors like Bajaj Dominar sell only around 2,000 units per month. Even the collective sales figures of the Bajaj Dominar, Yamaha FZ25 and Yamaha Fazer 25 makes only about 10% of the Classic 350 sales figures. What are the main reasons for Royal Enfield Classic 350 being so popular? Let’s find out.

No one offers what Royal Enfields do

Royal Enfield motorcycles have no direct competition in the segment. The manufacturer is the sole brand that offers such retro looks. Being unique helps as Royal Enfield motorcycles are easily noticeable in the sea of vehicles on Indian roads, and they do capture a lot of attention. The Classic carries a timeless design that has been around for a long while now and yet it does not feel outdated.

While manufacturers work on newer models and facelifts, the unique looks of the Royal Enfield bikes keep them young for eternity. People do want to get noticed and there’s no simpler way to grab eyeballs on roads than riding a Royal Enfield.

The “cult” brand

The Royal Enfield brand is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world. Yes, it is even older than Harley-Davidson. With so many years of existence, Royal Enfield motorcycles have a cult following, which cannot be replicated easily for any other bike or brand. The vintage body design, the thumping exhaust and their unique styling leaves a lasting impression on most onlookers. The Royal Enfield brand is now known for its brotherhood and people do get influenced by them on the road.


Royal Enfield bikes are the most modified bikes in India. There is a choice for everyone and with creativity, the designs can go wild. Customisation options give the Royal Enfield a unique look and make it personal, which is missing from the competition. Also, with its vintage look, it is extremely easy for the Classic 350 to be transformed into many legendary and iconic forms like Bobber and Hardtail. This option gives the Royal Enfield Classic 350 a major advantage over its competitors in India.

Poster bike now easier to ride

The cult following of the Royal Enfield bikes ensure that they become the poster bikes of many bedrooms. Earlier, the bikes were not that easy to ride or maintain. The modern Royal Enfield generation including the Classic 350 has become much easier to ride. The older cast iron Royal Enfields had gear shifters on the right-hand side of the motorcycle and the brakes were on the opposite side.

The unconventional location of the gear lever and the brake lever kept many customers away from the motorcycle. Finally, with time, Royal Enfield has corrected the position of the two most important levers in the motorcycle. Doing this has attracted a lot of buyers who ride other motorcycles, and the stereotypical positioning of the levers make it easier to ride.

Fuel efficiency

Royal Enfield Classic 350 is powered by a 346-cc, single-cylinder engine that generates a maximum of 19.8 Bhp and 28 Nm. The ARAI certified fuel efficiency of the Classic 350 is 53.4 km/l, which is much higher than its competitors. The Bajaj Dominar returns a certified 26.5 km/l while the FZ25 returns a maximum of 43 km/l. High fuel efficiency and an unmistakable thump sound makes the Classic 350 so popular in the segment.