Royal Enfield Classic 500-based Bobber is Bulleteer Customs’ latest build

The Royal Enfield competition among modders doesn’t look like it will take a break anytime soon. The latest custom job to take the fight forward is the Yaksang, customised by Bangalore-based tuning house Bulleteer Customs. The company recently revealed a Royal Enfield Classic 500-based Bobber design bike and has named it Yaksang. Keeping up with that radical nomenclature, the bike for sure looks dope, and well made, unlike any cheap custom job.

Royal Enfield Classic 500-based Bobber is Bulleteer Customs’ latest build

If you were just about to exit this page to google what the heck is this Bobber thing, we’re here to save your time. Bobber is actually a pretty old term, which originated during the 1930s (originally called bob-job). Now, Bobber refers to customised bikes that have been stripped down to bare essentials with all superfluous parts removed to reduce weight.You must have heard of one another term, Chopper. Choppers were developed much later and was inspired by Bobbers.

Coming back to the Yaksang, the bike now gets shortened front and rear fenders with high-set handlebars and a one-piece, low-slung seat. Coupled with that peanut tank, it is a typical bobber affair.

The headlamps and tails lamps are stylish LED units and look cool. Both the wheels are blacked-out alloys with disc brakes on each one of them. The foot-pegs have been set at front so as to create a comfortable laid back sitting stance.

Royal Enfield Classic 500-based Bobber is Bulleteer Customs’ latest build

Completing the whole look are aftermarket dual exhaust, which for sure will give the bike vocals to vouch for. The bike has been finished in red and black paint and looks quite appealing in those shades. The suspension hasn’t been played with much except for a more extreme angle on the rear springs.

The case is the same with the engine, which probably hasn’t been tweaked much. However, the aftermarket exhaust could provide some boost in performance. As the bike has lost much of its bulk now, speed and acceleration figures are going to be on fire.

Royal Enfield Classic 500-based Bobber is Bulleteer Customs’ latest build

The donor motorcycle is a Royal Enfield Classic 500 of 2014 vintage. The 500-cc engine that makes 27.2 Bhp-41.3 Nm has been left untouched. The only major change to the engine is the addition of a short reverse cone muffler that makes the exhaust note quite throaty. Other that this, the Royal Enfield Classic 500’s mechanicals are more or less unchanged.

The Yaksang has definitely upped the ante in the Royal Enfield customisation game with its dope looks and features. However we expect the competition to come up with some new guns soon. Guess what, we already are getting a whiff of some of the upcoming ones.

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