Royal Enfield turns Santa Claus for Classic 500 Pegasus owners: Here’s why

Royal Enfield was in a soup some time back when they launched the Classic Signals motorcycle. Prior to this, the company had launched the Classic Pegasus variant which was a limited edition model and had a higher sticker price than any Royal Enfield bike during the time.  However, the Classic Signals turned the tables with its launch as it came with more features like dual channel ABS, lower sticker price, was not a limited piece and had similar styling to the Pegasus.

This led to a number of Pegasus owners to get agitated and rant about the company. While the company had earlier made peace with the buyers by offering them various options, this Christmas they turned Santa for the Pegasus owners.

The company sent a mail to all the owners of Classic Pegasus in which it offered them with many Christmas gifts. The subject line of the mail read:

You didn’t buy a motorcycle, you became part of a legacy!

In the mail, the company has offered four gifts to the various Pegasus owners in a bid to further placate them and bring back things to as they were. The first gift is a helmet which will be itched with the bike unique serial number. These numbers were given to each limited edition Pegasus bike and is marked on the fuel tank. Apart from the helmet, there is a Jacket on offer too. The mail recipients will have to enter their size and preferences and send them to the company for them to get one.

Royal Enfield turns Santa Claus for Classic 500 Pegasus owners: Here’s why

Then there is a lapel pin offered as a gift too. The lapel pin can be a unique item for regular biking meets and as an adornment on a riding jacket. Lastly, there is also a bag being given away as a part of the Christmas gift giveaway. While it is not known that whether the bag will be a duffel bag, side bag or a proper backpack, it will be given along with the three other accessories. While it may not exactly compensate for the loss the owners have suffered, it is a good initiative undertaken by the company and shows that they care about the community.

Royal Enfield launched the Classic 500 Pegasus in July, 2018 with a limited run of 1,000 bikes. Out of these, only 250 units were reserved for India and rest were meant for international sale. In India, the bike was priced at Rs. 2.17 Lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi), making it much more expensive than the regular Classic 500 model. However, the flash sale that followed saw all the 250 units lifted under 3 minutes. The styling of the bike was inspired by the RE/WD 125 Flying Flea from World War II. The agitation from owners soon came out because international variants were better specced and that the company had removed any exclusivity factor with the launch of the Classic Signals.

The Pegasus uses the same 499cc, four stroke single cylinder engine found on the Classic 500. This long stroke, old school engine makes 27.2 Bhp-41.3 Nm, and is paired to a 5 speed manual gearbox.