Royal Enfield Classic 500 vs Jawa 42: Top-end Drag Race [Video]

Jawa Vs Royal Enfield Featured 1

When we talk of retro looking modern motorcycles Royal Enfield is the brand that comes to our mind first.The other brand that has come up as a competitor to Royal Enfield in the recent times is the Jawa motorcycles. Jawa launched couple of models and made their re entry into the market in 2018. Buyers were pretty excited with the news of Jawa coming back and the motorcycles had or rather still has a long waiting period because of its demand. We have seen many drag race videos featured on our website in the past and this time it is between the Royal Enfield Classic 500 and Jawa 42.

The video has been uploaded by KSC vlogs on his youtube channel. The race is conduced in two rounds and the riders choose a long stretch of highway that had little traffic on it. The race starts and soon Jawa moves off the start line quickly and leaves the Classic behind. The Classic 500 is putting in all its power to overtake the Jawa 42 but the Jawa keeps on getting faster and finally Jawa 42 wins the race. In this first round the Jawa had touched a 150 kmph mark.

Before the second round riders exchange motorcycles and the vlogger is now riding the Royal Enfield Classic 500. The race starts and the Jawa 42 again takes the lead but this time by a huge margin. Even the bikers who were following the Jawa and Royal Enfield had overtaken the Classic 500. The Jawa 42 maintained the lead till the end and won the race.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 vs Jawa 42: Top-end Drag Race [Video]

The reason why there was a huge gap between Jawa 42 and Classic 500 is mainly because of the weight of the rider. There were many factors that made the Jawa 42 a clear winner in this race. First one is even though the Jawa has a smaller capacity engine, it is tuned in a way that it generates the same power as that of the Classic 500. The other factor is obviously the weight of the motorcycle. The Royal Enfield Classic has a kerb weight of 196 kg whereas the Jawa 42 only weighs 170 kgs. And there is obviously the riding style and the weight of the rider that we have already discussed above. Jawa will soon start delivering India’s most affordable Bobber: The Perak. Deliveries have been delayed due to the Corona Virus lockdown. Royal Enfield, for its part, is readying up a brand new line up of 350cc motorcycles under a new platform.