Watch a fully-functional ‘Electric’ Royal Enfield Classic in action [Video]

The future of automobiles is said to be powered by the electric motors and the revolution has started around the world. While there are a few manufacturers who have already started offering their electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the Indian market, many well-established automobile manufacturers are working on their electric products that will be launched in the coming years. Royal Enfield, the best-selling motorcycle manufacturer in the Indian market above the 300cc segment is also working on electric motorcycles. However, it will take a few years to launch in the Indian market. What we have here is quite interesting work by an Indian start-up who has converted a regular Royal Enfield Classic 350 into an electric-powered motorcycle. Here are all the details. Scroll through the videos to see the electric bike in action.

The videos put up by Liju Vaidhyan on a social media website shows the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Electric in works. The videos show a fully functional Royal Enfield Classic 350 Electric and the rider also took it out on the roads.

The job has been done by Hound Electric, a new start-up. After contacting them, we got to know that Hound Electric is a new brand that is currently focussing on the development and research of new electric powertrains. As a part of the research, the brand has converted a Royal Enfield Classic 350 into an all-electric vehicle. The components that are under development are getting tested on the Royal Enfield Classic 350. In the future, Hound Electric will provide electric powertrain solutions and they do not plan to manufacturer a full motorcycle in the future.

Sharing the cost details, Hound Electric said that the production cost and high price of the electric components will make the electric vehicles 30-40% more expensive than their regular, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powered counterparts. They have not shared the exact cost details for converting a regular vehicle to the electric vehicle yet.

Watch a fully-functional ‘Electric’ Royal Enfield Classic in action [Video]

However, whenever the kit is ready, it will be offered as a bolt-on kit. This will allow the customers to order the kit online or through other means and then get it installed at a local mechanic, who knows the way around the motorcycle. Installing the kit does not require any modifications to the chassis and a regular mechanic who has enough motorcycle knowledge will be able to fit the hardware. For connecting the batteries and making it work, an electrician will be required to make the connections.

Since the product is not ready for production yet, it has not been tested by RTO. So there is no RTO certification on the kits yet. Also, Liju adds that it is not legal to convert an automobile into an electric vehicle and there is no rule in the CMRV yet for this. However, if you’re in Europe or the USA, it can be done and then get it endorsed in the RC too.

Talking about the Royal Enfield Electric that we saw in the video above, it can reach a top speed of 80 km/h and it gets a lithium-ion battery pack. However, the range and power are not known yet.