Royal Enfield Classic modified into a Triumph bobber lookalike

It is a well knwon fact that Royal Enfield bikes are among the favourite choice of modifiers in the country. The Classic series models, in particular, are the hot favourite of the mod fraternity due to their gorgeous retro design and ease of modification. Further, the signature RE thump from their engines is another factor which makes it popular. Among the various types of mod themes that can be done on the Royal Enfield Classic 350, the bobber style is one of the most popular one. The video below by Vampvideo shows a similar bike that is actually a Royal Enfield Classic based bobber. Take a look at the video below before we move onto the details of this custom built.

The design inspiration behind this mod job is the Bonnevile Bobber, which is a bobber-style cruiser motorcycle based on the Bonneville series from Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. The Triiumph Bobber, as it is commonly known, is one of the best factory made bobbers one can buy but it is quite expensive too. In India, Jawa showcased the Perak bobber last year which had a similar design and it is expected to be launched by the end of this year. It will be a first of its kind in India with a price tag of around Rs. 2 lakhs.

Coming back to the Royal Enfield based bobber mod here, it carries an all black theme. Almost every part and panel on the bike is black save for the exhaust pipe and the headlamp surroud ring.  Both the front and the rear tires have been changed with aftermarket units and same is the case with the alloys, which look quite stylish now. The headlamp, taillamp as well as the indicators all are LED units and look quite good. the headlamp cluster also gets an LED DRL ring and is a prohector unit.

Royal Enfield Classic modified into a Triumph bobber lookalike

Moving on, the fenders are custm made units and the front fork have been covered with gaiters for an added look. The chassis of this bike has been modified to quite an extent, which is also the case with the swingarm which is a custom made piece. The handlebars are custom made units too and feautres bar end mounted mirrors and indicators. The fuel tank gets a bit of sculpting and it is followed by a single seat saddle in typical bobber style.

A digital instrument cluster has replaced the stock unit on this bike. REar suspension duties are done by a red monoshock. Another highlight is the aftermarket exhassut pipe which sounds great. All in all, this modified, Triumph bobber inspired Royal Enfield Classic based modified bike looks quite good. One might even mistake it for a Triumph at a glance.