Royal Enfield Classic Pegasus 500 to be sold out in seconds today: Here’s why

The online flash sale of the Royal Enfield Classic Pegasus 500 limited edition retro motorcycle will happen at 2 PM Indian Standard Time. The bookings for the motorcycle will happen online, on Royal Enfield’s website. The motorcycle is priced at Rs. 2.49 lakhs, on-road Mumbai, which makes it the most expensive Royal Enfield sold in India.

Rudratej Singh, the President of Royal Enfield, had this to say about the flash sale for the Pegasus 500,

“Yeah, the Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus Edition goes on sale shortly. Suffice it to say we will sell out within a few seconds, even faster than the Royal Enfield Classic Squadron Blue edition. I mean it depends on how fast you are with the online process. I will not share the numbers, but they are in multitudes of thousands who have shown interest, which is not a surprise to us. And we didn’t want to price it higher because we want to make it accessible. We will remain authentic, yet an accessible brand.”

Inspired by Royal Enfield’s World War motorcycle – the Flying Flea – the Classic Pegasus 500 features a unique paint job, and only 250 units of it will be sold in India, making it quite unique. Notably, only 1,000 units of the Pegasus Classic 500 will be sold globally, which assures buyers of exclusivity.

In India, only the Service Brown paint scheme will be offered on the Royal Enfield Classic Pegasus 500 due to governmental regulations that disallow military green colour for civilian motorcycles. International markets will get the additional Olive Drab (military green) paint scheme.

Mechanically, the Pegasus 500 will be unchanged from the Classic 500. The motorcycle will use the 499-cc, four-stroke, single cylinder unit construction engine that puts out 27.2 Bhp and 41.3 Nm. This engine is paired to a five-speed manual gearbox. Fuel injection is standard on this long stroke motor, which is one of the last surviving Indian motorcycle engines with an overhead valve design.

The Pegasus 500 is based on the Classic 500, which means that the suspension and other cycle parts will be similar. There are telescopic front forks and gas-charged twin shock absorbers at the rear and disc brakes on both wheels, which are spoked items with tube-type tyres. An electric starter will be standard. The kick starter does remain in place though.