Pune restaurant runs Thali eating contest that awards winners a Royal Enfield Classic

A restaurant in the outskirts of Pune is offering a unique proposition to increase the flow of customers to his restaurant. The restaurant has announced that they will award a brand-new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 to any customer who can finish the Bullet Thali within 60 minutes.

Shivraj Hotel to recover from the losses due to the COVID-19 related lockdowns and restrictions has announced this unique contest. According to the contest, the customers will have to finish a non-veg thali within 60 minutes of the serving it in the table. If any customer finishes the same within 60 minutes, the hotel will award the Royal Enfield Classic 350 worth Rs 1.65 lakh, ex-showroom.

Atul Waiker, the owner of the restaurant said that it is a way to invite more customers to the restaurant. Since people have started going out again after the pandemic, the offer by the restaurants will ensure that people get attracted and try their luck with the Bullet Thali. Atul Waikar has placed five brand-new Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles in the verandah of the restaurants that attract the onlookers. The information of the contest is all around including the restaurant banners and even the menu of the restaurants.

What is in Bullet Thali?

The Bullet Thali is a specially curated platter. There are 12 types of dishes that is made up of 4 kgs of mutton and fish. About 55 restaurant team members work to prepare the thali that also consists of dishes like fried surmai, pomfret fried fish, chicken tandoori, dry mutton, grey mutton, chicken masala, and prawn biriyani, which is known as Kolumbi in the local language. The price of this Bullet Thali is Rs 2,500 each. As per the owner, about 65 thalis are sold every single day.

This is not the first time that the restaurant owner has come up with a unique idea to increase the sales. He arranged a contest that requires four people to finish the 8 kg Ravan Thali in 60 minutes and the price money was Rs 5,000.

Somnath Pawar, a resident of Solapur District of Maharashtra has already managed to win the contest by finishing the Thali withing 60minutes. He has won the Bullet but there are four more bikes to be won.

There are many such contests across India where the restaurant owners attract the crowd by offering similar challenges. There is also a paratha contest where a person has to finish a paratha of 4 kg within a certain time to win cash money. However, this is the first incident where someone is offering the Royal Enfield Bullet as an award after winning the challenge.

We are not sure how many people are trying the challenge but if you’re around this restaurant in Pune, do try your luck and let us know how did it go! But eating food that weighs 4kg needs some serious thought and hunger. We do hope that you love Bullet as much as you love eating.