Royal Enfield Classic thief caught by police: Captured on live camera [Video]

Motorcycle thefts are quite common in India. Royal Enfield motorcycles have become one of the most targeted bikes with numerous owners reporting bike thefts every day. Here is a video of a thief stealing a Royal Enfield in Karnataka and getting caught by alert cops immediately.

What is happening here?

The CCTV footage shows a thief breaking the handlebar lock of the Royal Enfield Bullet parked at the roadside with other vehicles. The exact time of the incident is not known but the second part of the footage shows a timestamp of 1:17 AM. The thief successfully breaks the handlebar lock and tries to take the bike away.

However, the heavy bike falls down on the other side and it can be seen that the thief tries to lift it up. But, he fails to do so and walks away from the bike. A second CCTV footage shows the city police in a patrolling Ertiga stopping near the thief and apprehending him. The thief was wearing a helmet and his associate who was on a scooter can be seen waiting for him as the cops try to arrest the thief.

The video then shows the thief trying to flee the scene by running towards the scooter but the cop holds him back and as the scooter rider tries to run away from the spot, a second policeman comes and holds his scooter from behind. The cops can be seen searching the two youths thoroughly. The video also shows more cops reaching the spot. It is not known if the thieves were arrested or were let go with a warning.

Keeping motorcycles safe!

Handlebar locks of bikes are quite easy to break. Car thieves put pressure on one side of the handlebar to break the lock and free the handle. They then use the ignition wires to fire up the bike and ride it without any problem. These stolen bikes are then generally taken apart, and the parts are sold separately, which make it impossible to trace the bikes. Some of the stolen bikes are sent to other states or even to the neighbouring countries, which makes them difficult to track. Here are a few things that can be done to keep bikes safe from thieves.

  • Install a wheel lock. It is safer to install a secondary lock, and wheel locks are quite difficult to break quickly.
  • There are GPS-enabled devices that can track the live location of motorcycles. It is the best way to track a bike.
  • Always park in a well-lit, safe location. Thieves generally stay away from such well-lit places.