Royal Enfield Classic to BMW GS 310: Motorcycles with the LONGEST waiting periods

The Indian motorcycle sector is currently experiencing a boom in both supply as well as demand. New entrants are launching their bikes in the budget segment and the people too are rising above the 150-200 cc segment. But a problem amid all this is the huge waiting period on some of the popular bikes, which can be a big pain for the customers. We have compiled a list of six such bikes along with their alternatives in case you decide to change your mind after seeing the waiting period. Let’s take a look at them.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Average waiting period: 2-3 months

The Classic 350 is the best-selling bike in its segment. It even is the best-selling bike in the Royal Enfield line-up. It is a cheaper alternative to the bigger 500 cc sibling and offers as much fun and drama, albeit it’s a bit low on power than the Classic 500. But one of the sore points of the bike is its waiting period. The Classic 350 deliveries can be painfully slow. Very often dealers may even ask you to wait for six months depending on the colour you choose.

As an alternative, we suggest you look at the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220. The Avenger is a well-known name and the bike comes with a refined engine and a proper cruiser stance to boot. Waiting period for this bike is next to nil too.

Royal Enfield Classic 500

Average waiting period: 1-2 months


The Classic 500 is the flagship offering by Royal Enfield until the 650 twins grace our shores. It offers retro cool looks along with a powerful engine to boot. But as with the 350-cc model, this one too has a long waiting period. Though it is less than the Classic 350, it is still more than what the competition offers.

The UM Renegade Commando is an excellent alternative to the Classic 500. It offers solid looks, good road presence and a powerful engine and is identical in price range. What is not identical is the waiting period, and one can get the bike within less than a week of booking it.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X 350

Average waiting period: 1.5-3 months



Royal Enfield launched the ‘X’ series of the Thunderbird range sometime back. It is marketed as a more street/city friendly bike by Royal Enfield. It features flatter handlebars, a more upright seating position and other bits which make it look and feel different from the standard Thunderbirds. Waiting period for this bike can be anywhere between 1.5 to 3 months, which is quite long.

One of the best options in this category is the Yamaha FZ25. It offers excellent styling and highway manners and is much cheaper than the Thunderbird X 350. Though it is less powerful than the Enfield, the weight difference of more than 50 kg more or less makes up for that.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X 500

Average waiting period: 1.5- 3 months

Another stylish offering from the Chennai-based manufacturer, it has the same build as the smaller 350 sibling, the only difference being the engine. It is among the forerunners in the company’s line-up of street bikes, with only chink in the armour being the long waiting period. It has the same waiting period as the smaller sibling, of around 1.5 to 3 months.

As an alternative, the Bajaj Dominar is an excellent choice. It offers a more powerful engine and is easier to maintain than the Thunderbird X. The Dominar is also a pretty good bike if you want to go mile munching on a highway and is equally good in zipping through the traffic.

BMW G 310R

Average waiting period: 2-3 months


The G 310R is the first affordable bike in India by BMW Motorrad. In fact, it’s the first GS branded under 500 cc bike by the German manufacturer. Though it’s a bit on the expensive side, still the build quality and fit/finish level more or less makes up for that. It has a powerful engine and great street presence too. But one of the current issues which BMW must tackle is the long wait period on the bike. Other than that, it is an excellent bike.

As an alternative, we suggest you to go for the KTM 390 Duke with closed eyes. It is more powerful, offers almost the same quality as the Beemer (ok we admit, a little less) and is fun to ride.

BMW G 310 GS

Average waiting period: 2-3 months

bmwg 310 gs adventure tourer

The TVS-BMW partnership has been quite fruitful as it has yielded three excellent bikes. However, as with the other BMW budget offering, waiting period of the bike is the only thing that is to worry about. That said, it is quite understandable as the company has yet to settle a proper dealer and service network which takes some time. Once done, we expect the waiting time to drop to normal but as of now, you’ll have to make do with that.

There aren’t many choices available in the budget adventure biking segment currently. The only other option being the Royal Enfield Himalayan. It can’t match the Beemer in terms of power, technology or other such areas but where it excels is the value for money factor.

Note – All data regarding waiting periods may sometimes vary, according to the locality and dealership.