Royal Enfield Classic rider leant around a corner rides straight into an oncoming truck [Video]

Riding a motorcycle like a sportsbike on public roads can be extremely dangerous. While we get to see experienced riders taking corners and touching the tarmac with their knees, trying to replicate the same on the public roads can be extremely dangerous and can be fatal too. Here is a video that shows a Royal Enfield around a corner at high speed.

The video by Mantavya shows a Royal Enfield rider riding on the roads of Kerala. Most of the roads in Kerala are single lanes and one has to be extremely cautious to avoid accidents. The video shows the rider going around the corners at high speed and overtaking other vehicles too.

In the first couple of minutes, we can see that the rider is taking high-speed corners and is riding at almost full-throttle on the roads with a lot of curves. However, at one corner, the rear of the bike starts to skid and give away.

To correct the drift, the rider steers the bike in the opposite direction. But the rear tyre could not get hold of the tarmac and skids. The video taken from the chest mount of the rider shows the Royal Enfield falling down in front of a small truck coming from the opposite side.

It looks like that the truck driver anticipated the fall and he stopped just in time to save the rider. The bike hits the truck and gets badly damaged too. The video says that the rider, who is identified as Sachin was fine but the motorcycle was not. They rebuilt the bike.

Riding without proper gears

Royal Enfield Classic rider leant around a corner rides straight into an oncoming truck [Video]

The video shows the rider in short pants and he was not wearing other protective gear like gloves too. Riding gears are very important on public roads. Apart from the helmet, which is now mandatory for every two-wheeler rider and pillion in India, there are a few other import gears that every two-wheeler rider should wear.

Starting with good boots with ankle support and good riding gloves with protection around the knuckles are some of the most important riding gears. Unlike the car occupants, a motorcycle rider and pillion remain exposed to the surroundings.

This is why two-wheelers are dangerous and one should be extremely careful. For riders who do long-distance touring, additional protective gears like a riding jacket and riding pants are important. During long-distance journeys, the terrain and fatigue increase the chances of accidents and that is why one should be extra careful.

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