Royal Enfield Continental GT 650-based ‘Midas Royale’ custom motorcycle is mesmerizing! [Video]

While the Indian launch of the Royal Enfield Interceptor and the Continental GT just happened yesterday, many international markets have already received the bikes. In fact, there are quite a few modified examples based on the all-new Interceptor and the Continental GT. Here is an all-new modified version of the upcoming Continental GT 650, which gets the name Taipei Flow.

The motorcycle has been designed by Rough Crafts in Taiwan and has been christened as Midas Royale. It gets a design inspired by the fast life of the people living in the city. The Continental GT Cafe Racer has been transformed into a more aggressive styled modified example and it gets an aggressive stance.

The bike gets carbon-finish on the body gets an all-new bodywork. The minimal design on the body exposes the crankcase of the bike and it gets curvy aftermarket exhausts that highlight the flowing lines on the modified machine.

A stylised bikini fairing has been added too and the headlamp unit has been replaced with a fully customised unit. The twin-headlamps are set-up vertically that adds to the unique look of the machine. The handlebar gets replaced with an aftermarket one and it changes the seating posture completely. The rider sits much closer to the fuel tank with the new set-up.

The front suspension has been upgraded with Ohlins, making the bike handle much better. The rear suspension is replaced by new TTX GP TR469 unit. The set-up the mono-suspension, the swingarm has been tweaked. The flowing aftermarket exhausts are from Twin SC and they add a different charm to the bike. At the rear, the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 gets a small LED tail lamp.

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650-based ‘Midas Royale’ custom motorcycle is mesmerizing! [Video]

It is not known if any engine modifications have been done to the bike or the power output has been increased due to the aftermarket exhausts. In stock form, the twin-cylinder, air-cooled engine produces a maximum power of 47 Bhp at 7,100 rpm and 52 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 rpm. It gets a fuel injection system and a single-piece forged crankshaft. Royal Enfield has priced the bike very aggressively in the market. Continental GT prices start from just Rs. 2.55 lakhs.

The Interceptor and Continental GT have been one of the most-awaited motorcycles in markets around the world. The current Royal Enfield line-up is one of the most customised bikes in the world and enthusiasts were just waiting for the all-new bikes to arrive.

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