Royal Enfield continental GT 650 mileage test [Video]

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 mileage in the real world: Surprised or happy? [Video]

The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 is the more sporty bike of the 650 twin launched in November 2018. The cafe racer themed bike has caught the fantasy of many since then and is selling well. Reportedly, the Interceptor is getting better response as well as sales than the Continental GT but the difference is not major.

Among various other factors, the average Indian buyers always asks the ‘kitna deti hai’ question before buying a motorcycles. For the same, let’s take a look at the video below by Macho Biker, which gives a rough estimate of the bike’s mileage.

As seen in the video, the bike was driven for about 30 kilometers, which is a pretty decent distance to measure the mileage. Getting onto the main bit, the Continental GT returns a mileage of 19.6 km/l according to the video. Driving in much more economic and refined way would return a claimed, according to the video, fuel efficiency of 25 kmpl approximately. The testing method was quite simple, unlike the more popular method which means emptying the whole tank and then filling it with 1 litre of fuel.

The rider first took the bike  from the dealership and then straight away made a headway towards the petrol pump. Here, the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 gets its tank filled up to the brim. After this, the bike is ridden for a distance of nearly 30 kilometer. Then the bike is taken back to the petrol pump. The fuel tank is again filled to brim with fuel. The final reading, after some calculations reveals that the new Royal Enfield Continental GT delivers a mileage of 19.6 km/l when riding through city traffic. However, the bike can give an even better fuel efficiency of around 25 km/l when ridden more gently.

The Royal Enfield Continental GT gets powered by a newly developed 647cc, air-oil cooled, parallel twin engine that has earned applause for being the most refined motor Royal Enfield has ever produced. The engine churns out a hefty 47 Bhp of power along with 52 Nm of torque, which are the best in its price range. The engine is a mated to a six speed transmission that gets slipper clutch as standard. The double cradle chassis used on the bike is also a first for a Royal Enfield bike and has been developed with inputs from Harris Performance, UK.

The Royal Enfield Continental GT starts at Rs. 2.65 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) and goes all the way upto Rs. 2.85 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the chrome version. The Interceptor starts from Rs. 2.49 lakhs. The difference is only in the paint schemes and ergonomics of the bikes and all the other mechanical bits remain the same. The Interceptor 650 offers a more relaxed riding position that is bound to appeal to a wider set of buyers. Meanwhile, the Continental GT 650 has currently no direct rival as no other manufacturers gives this kind of performance at such price point. Rightly so then, the bikes have dawned a new era for Royal Enfield bikes worldwide.