Royal Enfield Continental GT650 modified into a ‘chai shop racer’ is a stunner

Royal Enfield is currently one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer still in production. They are quite popular brand among motorcyclists. They have a variety of motorcycles in their line up and one of the most popular model is Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are also popular among those who like long road trips and modifying motorcycles. In the past we have featured several modified Royal Enfield motorcycles on our website. Here we have a Royal Enfield Continental GT that has been completely transformed into a cafe racer motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by Royal Enfield on their YouTube channel. Royal Enfield is one of those motorcycle brand that promotes motorcycle modification and considers it as art. In the past they have promoted modified Royal Enfield motorcycles from different custom houses. The motorcycle seen here is made by Paul Smith (Jugaad, Goa). This motorcycle is basically his take on a cafe racer and has named it as chai shop racer.

Paul has completely stripped the stock motorcycle for this project. It looks nothing like the stock motorcycle. First thing that one would notice while looking at the motorcycle is that, there is no paint job on it. The metal has a polish on it which gives it a distinct and raw look. Paul likes this look and it is quite evident many other works that he has done in the past.

Royal Enfield Continental GT650 modified into a ‘chai shop racer’ is a stunner

The stock headlamp units have been replaced and metal fairing with several rivets have been installed on it. The LED headlight is installed inside this unit as seen in one of the shots in the video. The rivets can be seen on the fuel tank as well.  The front wheels a retro looking hub with spokes and chunky looking tyres around it. Both front and the rear wheels gets disc brakes like stock motorcycle. The bike gets a custom made fuel tank and it is now a single seater motorcycle.

Paul did make some changes to the frame the Continental GT 650. It now gets a mono-shock suspension at the rear. The chunky looking rear section of Continental GT 650 has been completely redesigned into a sleeker looking unit with rivets on it. At the end of the tail, there is an LED tail lamp integrated in it. This gives is a sleek and sharp look from the rear.

Paul can be heard saying in the video that he like working with metal and every panel that is installed on this motorcycle is unique as it is all handmade. Those imperfections on these motorcycle is what makes it special. Apart from shiny metal pieces and panels, Paul has also used brass accents on the motorcycle at places and that enhances the overall look.

The stock exhaust pipe has also been replaced for a custom made unit. The engine on this motorcycle remains the same twin cylinder, 650-cc, air cooled engine that generates 45 Bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque. The name ‘Chai shop racer’ is actually inspired from tea stalls which is quite common in India.