Royal Enfield could buy back Classic 500 Pegasus from angry owners, says report

Indian motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield launched its most expensive bike, the limited edition Classic 500 Pegasus earlier this year. However, the recent launch of Classic 350 Signals Edition has left many owners of the Pegasus quite unhappy. Now a report by Rushlane is claiming that Royal Enfield may be looking to buy back the Classic 500 Pegasus from owners left unhappy by the launch of the Classic Signals 350.

Royal Enfield could buy back Classic 500 Pegasus from angry owners, says report

The reason for the unhappiness among the community of Pegasus owners is due to two major reasons. The first pain point for Pegasus owners is the design of the new Classic Signals 350, which looks very similar to the limited-run bike. Both feature design elements like the bike’s production number on the tank along with military-inspired logos. Pegasus owners claim the similar design of the two bikes diminishes the value and exclusivity of their limited-edition motorcycle.

The second and bigger point of contention for Pegasus owners is the presence of dual-channel ABS on the Classic 350 Signals Edition. The Pegasus, which is the most expensive Enfield sold in India, was not offered with ABS. This information was made known to potential Pegasus owners before all 250 units of the bike for India sold out within 178 of being listed online.

The response to the launch of the Classic Signals 350 by the Pegasus community in India has been a heated one. Two owners went and dumped their brand new Pegasus bikes in the garbage, while others either refused to take delivery or returned the bike to the showroom. One owner even filed an RTI request asking the government why Royal Enfield was allowed to sell the Pegasus without ABS, despite new laws mandating its use on new bikes produced after April 1, 2018.

Rushlane claims that Royal Enfield is looking to put this issue behind them by offering to buy back the limited run bikes from their owners at a dealership level. Rushlane‘s report says that only a few owners are unhappy and dealers will amicably deal with their issues by buying back the bikes. The Classic 500 Pegasus bikes bought back from disgruntled owners will then be used as display bikes and sold to new buyers looking to own these rare bikes, which were limited to a total of 1000 units worldwide out of which only 250 were sold in India.