Forget crash/leg guards for Royal Enfields, check out the AWESOME new crash cage [Video]

Heavy motorcycles such as the ones sold by Royal Enfield can be a royal pain during a crash, quite literally. Crashing on a heavy motorcycle isn’t pleasant, and is capable of causing some severe injuries to the rider due to the sheer weight of the motorcycle. This is the reason why almost all Royal Enfield owners opt for crash/leg guards, which are meant to save not just the rider but also the motorcycle from severe damage.

Here’s something that’s seems a lot more effective than a crash/leg guard – the crash cage. Watch the video to see how much more effective a crash cage is, when compared with a crash guard.

As the video indicates, the crash cage from Turbonix is designed to be more effective than the crash/leg guards that are already available in the market. This crash guard is designed to fit Royal Enfield Classic 350/500 and the Standard 350/500 – the most popular motorcycles sold by the brand in India. Meanwhile, here’s a video that compares the crash cage sold by Turbonix with those sold by other manufactuers.

From the video, it appears that the crash cage designed by Turbonix does a better job in protecting the motorcycle as well as the rider’s legs. Also, the motorcycle equipped with the crash cage comes to rest at a 45 degree angle, allowing the rider to lift is more easily after a fall. Here’s a video that shows how the crash cage behaves during an actual crash.

From the looks of it, the crash cage does seem to be wider than conventional crash/leg guards that are commonly available in the market. While this can prove to be advantageous during a crash, the extra width means that the rider will have to be more careful while squeezing her/his Royal Enfield.

Turbonix claims that the crash cage they have designed is better than conventional crash guards in three main areas. 1. The crash cage uses a three point mounting system, which is said to make it more durable and offer better crash protection. 2. It’s powder coated, which is makes it rust resistant. 3. After a crash, it allows the motorcycle to rest at a 45 degree angle, making it easier for the rider to pick the bike up.

How much?

Forget crash/leg guards for Royal Enfields, check out the AWESOME new crash cage [Video]

The crash cage is priced at Rs. 3,645, which makes it significantly costlier than after market crash/leg guards that are available locally. You can buy one here.

Whoever buys the crash cage for their Royal Enfields must remember that this is not an alternative to safety equipment such as a crash helmet, gloves, riding boots, ankle protector and a riding jacket. Safety gear is an absolute must, and the crash guard is meant to work in tandem with safety gear to minimize damage/injury.

Also, people buying Royal Enfield motorcycles are strongly advised to opt for the versions that offer dual channel ABS. Almost every Royal Enfield motorcycle on sale in India save for the Standard and Electra line-ups are now available with dual channel ABS. ABS is a life-saver. Make sure you buy a motorcycle with this critical safety feature.