8 CRAZY things people have done with Royal Enfield motorcycles [Video]

Without a doubt, Royal Enfield motorcycles have a cult like status in India. They are in the wet dreams of teenagers, have been featured in movies since a long time and are the choice of ride for army personnel. Their retro classic look is one of their biggest USP apart from that iconic exhaust note. With so many people owning these beauties, it is natural for some unique antics to pop up involving the Enfields. It is said that true bike lovers treats their ride as a extension of their bodies. Some however took this quite literally. Here are 8 crazy things people have done with their Royal Enfield bikes across India.


Modify as a farm tool

We have seen many different forms of usage of a Royal Enfield bike but perhaps the most innovative of them all is a tractor-Enfield. The video above shows a modified Royal Enfield that won an award from the National Innovation Foundation of India in the year 2002. The Bullet motorcycles are known for their low end torque and the same has been used to convert it into a tractor.

The Bullet has been modified thoroughly and features three wheels along with a plougher as an attachment in the rear. The rear wheels are taken from a small tractor and they further help the bike to maintain grip on the uneven surface of a agricultural field. A lever mechanism is used on the plougher which loweres it down according to need. Innovation at its best we say.

Race in slush

Built like a gun is the tagline of Royal Enfield and its bikes justify it to a large extent. While Royal Enfield bikes are not actually meant to be used as track tool but the people in the video above went a step further. They have raced their Enfields on a slush pond and the bikes surprisingly come out like nothing happened. Such races are meant for adventure bikes but these guys seem to have no chills. This again highlights the solid build quality of the bike as it is able to withstand such beating.

Lift up the bike!

Weight lifting is a must for body builders and is one of the most popular features in gyms. However, what happens when a body builder decides that he needs something more than just lifting weights. Bullet lifting of course! The video above shows a similar scenario where a well built man lifts a Bullet in one go. All the Royal Enfield bikes weigh between 180-200 kgs and this is certainly a big feat. No doubt Royal Enfield bikes are usually bought by well built guys.

Reading the newspaper on the Bullet?

Growing up in India means one sees things that may be dismissed as hoax in other parts of the world. However, in spite of being accustomed of seeing varying kinds of antics, this one took us aback. The video above shows a Punjabi guy sitting sideways on a Royal Enfield motorcycle while the bike is running on full throttle. In order to make use of the free time, he even reads newspaper and chats with passer-bys. All this while the bike is running at a decent speed without any input from the rider. Dangerous is actually a mild term for this.

Towing cars

Royal Enfield motorcycles have many practical uses in everyday life. This even includes towing stranded vehicles. Royal Enfield bikes come with big block engines which means that they are high on torque even though they might have slightly low power. The Royal Enfield Classic, Bullet and Thunderbird series bikes come in 350cc and 500cc variants. The 350cc engine produces about 28 Nm while the 500cc engine produces a maximum of 41.3 Nm.

The big amount of torque is made available at lower rev bands which means enough power to move vehicles from a standstill. Above videos show a similar cases, one of which is about a bullet towing a Maruti 8000 while the second one shows the bike pulling a tractor.

Crazy modifications

Royal Enfield bikes and modifications go hand in hand. In fact, they are among the most modified bikes of the country. Their mod friendly nature apart from wide availability of parts is something that makes them quite popular among the modifying community. Scramblers, cafe racers, super moto, etc, we have seen it all being done to a Enfield. The above video shows a Royal Enfield motorcycle with extra heavy duty tires. Dope for sure, though they will certainly affect performance and practicality.

Set records

It is a well known fact that the Indian army uses Royal Enfield bikes as their preferred two wheelers. Among them, the Indian Army Service Corps (ASC) is known for setting many world records involving Royal Enfield bikes. They also got a Guinness World Record on a Royal Enfield Bullet registered to their name. The record in question was awarded for making 58 people ride on a single motorcycle, which for over a kilometre. The bike used for this act was a Bullet 500 and the men kept climbing over the bike as it ran on the road, unitl all 58 men climbed on it.

Flaunt the torque

There are numerous videos on the social media that show Royal Enfield motorcycle riders getting into a tug of war with other bikes. Here is a video compilation that shows many such tug of wars with the modern motorcycles in India. Royal Enfield riders do love the low-end torque in their bikes and there’s no better way to show who is the boss, isn’t it?