Can this modified Royal Enfield make it across the river [Video]

Modifications based on Royal Enfield motorcycles are way too common in India. Since the stock Royal Enfield bikes provide for a perfect classy looking base, doing modifications on them is extremely preferred by the modders. Also, the iconic thump of the Royal Enfield bikes makes them go quite well with the modifications. Most of these modified Royal Enfield bikes stay on the tarmac and owners do not test the limits as it is easy to damage the modified parts and they can be expensive to replace. However, here is a video that shows a heavily modified Royal Enfield bike crossing a knee-deep river.

The video uploaded by BLC BIKER shows the modified Royal Enfield trying to cross the river. According to the video, they had to choose the river path because the bridge on the river fell down sometime back. We are not sure if there’s another way to cross the river. Sometimes, to bypass the broken bridges, the route is longer. However, we are not sure about the ground realities here.

The video shows the modified Royal Enfield bike entering the water from the bank. Since it has rained in most parts of India in recent days, the flow of the river seems to be rapid. The bike goes inside the river but due to heavyweight, the rider struggles to keep it upright. It should be noted that this river bed seems to be made up of slippery pebbles, which makes it extremely difficult to find the proper grip. Nonetheless, the rider does struggle a lot to keep the bike straight. At one point of time, the bike becomes stuck due to the lack of traction and the rear tyre can be seen moving freely. However, a few tries, the rider gets free and moves ahead.

The exhaust of the bike can be seen submerged. However, since the rider was constantly revving the bike, the water remained out of the exhaust. Another thing that can be seen in the bike is the air intake. It is positioned close to the water and if it had sucked on water, it could have been a disaster for the bike. Nonetheless, in the end, the biker crosses the river successfully.

Royal Enfield

River crossing on bikes

While it looks extremely fun to cross rivers on a bike, a wrong move can make it all go wrong. Flowing rivers are different from water crossings as the current can displace the vehicle easily from the path. One should always refrain from crossing a river on such bikes until it is of utmost necessity. Adventure bikes have higher ground clearance, better tyre grip and high-mounted exhaust and air intake, which makes it safer to cross rivers of such depth. It is not the same for the cruiser bikes though.