Royal Enfield ‘El Huracan’ is Bulleteer Customs’ latest Bratstyle Bobber

Bangalore-based Bulleteer Customs has come up with yet another custom Royal Enfield build called the El Huracan. It’s a Bratstyle Bobber based on the Royal Enfield Electra 350. Apart from the engine and frame, virtually everything on the El Huracan is custom built. The motorcycle gets a peanut fuel tank up front and a brand new bumper. The unique triple tone, silver-green-brown paint job is something that really adds a unique custom touch to this machine. Other custom bits on the motorcycle include the revised front and rear bumpers, new headlamp and tail lamp, clip-on handlebars, a revised exhaust, a single seat and side panels.

The front forks, engine and gearbox are finished in black. The motorcycle uses a 110-mm front tyre and a 140-mm rear tyre, and runs on spoked wheels. There are hydraulic disc brakes both at the front and rear. All these elements come together to give the El Huracan a long, low and gorgeous look – one that’ll turn every head on the street.

Bulleteer Customs accepts orders from across India, and for exact prices, you need to get in touch with them directly. Meanwhile, for design, this job gets a 10/10. We’d have liked the engine to have more shove though as the 350-cc unit construction engine of the Royal Enfield, although quite reliable, could do with a bunch of more horses.

Talking mechanicals, the 346-cc unit construction engine that powers this build has been lifted off a Royal Enfield Electra. This engine makes 19.8 Bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of peak torque. The long-stroke engine has a lazy thump and is best ridden sedately. It’s in its element while cruising around town or on the highway, at speeds of about 60-80 Kph.

The engine is air cooled and gets a two-valve head. A CV carburetor is standard and so is a 5-speed manual gearbox. Royal Enfield offers a similar engine but with a higher displacement on many of its motorcycles. The bigger engine displaces 499cc, and makes 27.2 Bhp-41.3 Nm. This motor would have given the El Huracan great pep.

Via BulleteerCustoms

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