Meet the Dracarys: Royal Enfield Electra modified into a HOTSHOT cruiser

The Royal Enfield Electra was essentially the same bike as the Bullet but had an electric start apart from a few other minor changes because of which it was sold as a different bike. It was fairly popular in the market and now the bike is sold with an ES moniker instead of Electra. Being a Royal Enfield motorcycle, the Electra has seen its fair share of modified examples. On the same note, we present to you the Dracarys, a hotshot cruiser bike that harks back its roots to a Royal Enfield Electra motorcycle. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings and now looks truly spectacular. Let’s now discuss the bike in greater depth.

Re Mod 4

The Dracarys has been brought to life by the guys at Hyderabad based Eimor Customs. They have created a lot of excellent modified bikes in the past and have a thing for giving a character-based name to their bikes, which is the case with this modified cruiser too. The word “Dracarys” means Dragon fire and is quite popular with the Game Of Thrones watching crowds. This bike could have been named so because of its unique high-quality paint job which truly looks spectacular.

Re Mod 3

The bike has been finished in a shade of dark red paint with a shimmery coat on top. Adding further drama is a strip in between the copper-flakes painted panels which signifies dragon fire flowing through the bike. The fenders and tank piece along with a few other bits sport the same paint theme. The design of this bike is a blend of vintage as well as modern which can be seen in the design of the tank piece as well as the instrument cluster positioned on it.

Re Mod 5

The motorcycle has modified to be a comfortable cruiser and for the same, the frame has been stretched while the suspension has been adjusted to offer a plusher ride. The position of the seat, handlebar as well as the footpegs have been done in a way so as to keep the riding triangle pretty comfortable. The custom made saddle has been finished in black and the single-piece unit stretches all the way up to the pillion backrest.

Re Mod 2

The fenders and silencer pipe are old school units which give a unique look to the bike. The front forks have been extended while a broader triple tree has also been placed along with a stretched swingarm. The headlight is now a LED projector unit while the black headlamp cowling has been inspired by the Harley Davidson Softail range. Overall, the Dracarys looks a pretty capable cruiser to pick for a long ride and has the looks to match.