Royal Enfield Electric motorcycle is on its way to India!

Royal Enfield electric motorcycle under development for the Indian market

Royal Enfield is the latest among the long list of automakers in India who are betting big on going electric. Royal Enfield president, Rudratej Singh, has confirmed that the Indian retro motorcycle giant is developing an electric motorcycle for the Indian market. However, the motorcycle is at least a couple of years away from production. He delved into more details including the way in which the new Royal Enfield electric motor will perform. Here are the comments he made to Autocar on this matter.

Royal Enfield Electric motorcycle is on its way to India!

“At the moment, thereís no indicative timeline for REís electric platform development, but donít expect to see a production bike before 2020. But what will an electric Royal Enfield be like? Well, itís fair to expect that the motorcycle will be all about enormous torque delivery. This will suit the Royal Enfield character well, and while loyalists will definitely miss the iconic thump, theyíre just going to have to come to terms with the fact that the future of automobiles is going to be brisk, but quiet!”

Royal Enfield fans may not like the fact that an electric motorcycle will be quiet, without the signature thump that has come to be one of the biggest pull of the Royal Enfield range of motorcycles. However, the immense torque that an electric motor makes right off idle could be the big compensatory feature of the electric motorcycle, and in some years, people may even forget the thump of Royal Enfields. More details about the new electric motorcycle that Royal Enfield is putting together will be revealed in due time.

For now, we do know that Royal Enfield wants to be an innovative motorcycle maker ready to embrace change rather than fight it. Royal Enfield will soon launch two twin-cylinder motorcycles here, which are a part of the Indian motorcycle giant’s most ambitious project yet. By developing the electric motorcycle, Royal Enfield seems to be taking a leaf out of Harley Davidson’s book. Harley is also developing an electric motorcycle which will soon be launched commercially in the United States.

News Source: Autocar