Royal Enfield engines cleaner than ones built by BMW, Ducati, KTM & more: We explain

We often wonder what goes inside the engine when we open the throttle and munch miles on the highways. Well, apart from the advanced engineering, that transforms fuel into power, some manufacturers make their engines cleaner than the others. Making an engine requires precision tools and a new test has found that the Royal Enfield engines are so precisely built that they leave little impurities from the production line of the engine.

FortNine collaborated with a laboratory to evaluate the impurities inside an engine. They tested numerous motorcycles from around the world. To check the impurities, they collected the used engine oil from motorcycles from various manufacturers. The idea to check the engine oil for impurities and the number of small particles, which are the result of the manufacturing process.

There are twelve random brands from which the used engine oil was collected. FortNine collected oil from brands like Royal Enfield, BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Triumph, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Aprilia, Ducati and Yin Xiang. The results are quite interesting. After seven months, the results are out and the Royal Enfield comes out the cleanest of all beating the likes of BMW, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki and more.

How was the test done?

Royal Enfield engines cleaner than ones built by BMW, Ducati, KTM & more: We explain

The lab collected all the impurities from the used engine oil. The smallest particles were 5 micrometres while the largest ones were about 100 micrometres. The lab even tried evaluating the large particles to see where did they come from. However, due to the smaller particles amalgamating with the larger particles, it was difficult for the researchers to find out exactly what they wanted to know. However, the readings are very consistent for the impurity of the particles of all sizes.

The impurities in the engine oil include parts like carbon and metal shavings. However, the findings suggest that there are many more uncommon impurities such as cloth fibres, sand, plastic, chips of wood and many others. The researchers tested a 100 ml sample for the quality of the engine oil and the presence of carbon content too.

According to the test, the Royal Enfield motorcycle engines are the cleanest in the world. It has come as a big surprise to many. However, the quality of the Royal Enfield motorcycles has become much better than it used to be a few years ago.

Clean engine

Most manufacturers use lead to absorb the impurities inside the engine. However, that may change in the near-future as lead is a heavy metal and is very toxic. This is why changing the engine oil is so important during the first service. When you use a new engine, many parts move inside and due to the friction, shavings of metal and other parts are disposed of by the engine. These impurities can further damage the engine by scratching important parts like the piston rings and even the crank. That is why changing the engine oil during the first service is so important and no one should avoid it to save money.