Royal Enfield factory visit: Watch your motorcycle being built [Video]

videoRoyal Enfield is very popular motorcycle brand in India as well as abroad. These retro styled modern motorcycle have a cult following and has been ruling this segment for quite a long time. Royal Enfield motorcycle brand is a division of Eicher Motors and is one of the oldest brand in continuous production. Royal Enfield motorcycles are made at their manufacturing facility in Oragadam, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is the one and only manufacturing facility that Royal Enfield has and all the motorcycles that are sold in India as well as abroad are manufactured here. That is one of the reason why these motorcycles have a long waiting period. Here we have a video that takes us on a tour of Royal Enfield’s manufacturing facility and shows how these motorcycles are made.

The video has been uploaded by Autospinn Channel on youtube. The video shows all the stages of manufacturing a Royal Enfield motorcycle. The first it shows the engine assembly plant where the engine casing, gearbox, pistons are all put in place. Most of the work is done by workers on a conveyor belt but there are some works that are specifically done by machines. The work done by by machines include precision cutting and grinding of some parts of the engine.

The video shows the process of building a RE engine from scratch. The video was concentrating more of the 350 cc engines. After the engine is completed, the other parts of the motorcycle like the fuel tank, chassis, side panels, all are evenly painted at the paint shop. This is done with the help of a robotic arm as seen in the video. The standard bullet which comes with an all black fuel tank still gets a golden pinstripe done by hand. After pinstriping, all the fuel tanks and side panels get a clear coat that gives them a glossy finish.

Royal Enfield factory visit: Watch your motorcycle being built [Video]

All the things are then assembled at the assembly line where the chassis meets the wheels, engine, fuel tank, side panel, front and rear suspension, seats headlights and handlebars. Every part has been assigned to a dedicated employee and he moves the motorcycle to the next person once his part is done. After everything is done, a final set of inspection is also done before rolling out the motorcycle from the plant. Finally before dispatching the motorcycle, a test rider test the motorcycle and makes sure that everything is fine in the motorcycle.