Royal Enfield fans make a video against Dominar: Do you think this ‘revenge’ works?

A few days back, Bajaj released a video trolling the Royal Enfield. The video makes fun of Royal Enfield’s retro technology and the cumbersome machines it makes. The video did draw a lot of flak from the Royal Enfield community.

Royal Enfield has not engaged in any kind of response, but the big Royal Enfield community has made a revenge video against the advertisement released by Bajaj.

The new video posted on the YouTube channel Moviez Pix shows the Royal Enfield riders going off the tarmac and through rough terrains while enjoying the ride. The video later uses the shots from the Bajaj commercial that shows riders on elephants with a caption, “Ride Like A King.” While the official reply from Royal Enfield is awaited, the fan video will keep the rivalry alive.

Royal Enfield, despite facing tough criticism from the customers about the quality is selling like hot cakes. The Royal Enfield had registered growth and registered their best quarterly results this month. This comes despite the Himalayan being off the shelves since April 2017.

Here is the commercial by Bajaj

Royal Enfield is currently working on a new 750cc engine. The motorcycle has been already caught testing in India, and it will be available in two variants as per the latest spy pictures. Royal Enfield has also introduced the BS IV version the Himalayan and the dealerships in the Southern part of India have started receiving the motorcycles for the test ride.

The manufacturer has not officially revealed anything about the new BS IV Himalayan till now though. As per the dealerships, the bookings have started, and the deliveries will start sometime in September. Royal Enfield has the strongest hold in the 350-500cc segment in India, and the Classic models from the brand outsell the popular Bajaj Pulsar by a big number.

Shantonil Nag

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