Royal Enfield fans make another hilarious revenge video against Bajaj

While we’re yet to see an official reply from Royal Enfield to Bajaj’s ad mocking Royal Enfield riders, the fans have responded. Last week, Royal Enfield fans released a video trying to give a befitting reply to Bajaj’s Dominar commercial. Now, here’s yet another such video.

The video takes the revenge to “hathi mat paalo” advert by Bajaj. It spoof video shows the commercial and the guys riding on elephants. Fans have used the regular Bajaj commercial until the point where the Dominars reach the elephants. After that, a new video has been added which shows elephant attacking a Bajaj Pulsar.

Earlier, Royal Enfield fans posted a video saying “Ride like a king” in reply to the Dominar commercial. Until now, Royal Enfield has not officially engaged in the commercial making rivalry. However, everyone would love to see an official reply from the brand to Bajaj.

Royal Enfield posted their best quarterly figure, and their motorcycles are selling like hot cakes in the market. Even though the brand does not have the Himalayan on sale right now, Royal Enfield has been growing with each passing month.

Reportedly, Royal Enfield will officially launch the Himalayan BS IV in India in September. The brand is also working on a new 750cc motorcycle that has been spied multiple times in India. The upcoming motorcycle gets two variants as seen in the spy pictures. It is expected to be launched in India by next year.

The manufacturer has not officially revealed anything about the new BS IV Himalayan till now though. As per the dealerships, the bookings have started, and the deliveries will start sometime in September. Royal Enfield has the strongest hold in the 350-500cc segment in India, and the Classic models from the brand outsell the popular Bajaj Pulsar by a big number.

Shantonil Nag

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