Brand New Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 Crashed While Off-Roading [Video]

new royal enfield himalayan crash featured

Royal Enfield recently launched the all-new Himalayan in the market. The bookings and deliveries for the same have also started. Ever since the bike was launched, it has been getting a lot of attention for the looks and also the off-road capabilities that it possesses. It is an adventure tourer motorcycle and we have seen several videos online that prove the same. Here we have a video where a rider crashes the Himalayan 452 while riding the bike on an off-road track. This is probably the first video of a Himalayan crash on the internet.

The video has been shared by Saintrider87 on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger was testing the Himalayan on amn off-road track to know more about the capabilities. He first rides the bike slowly on the track to know how the bikes rides and handles on the off-road section. He rides the bike and immediately realises that the rear suspension needs some adjustment as it feels a bit soft. The rider also mentions that he came across several videos that cliamed that the Himalayan lacked low-end but, in his case he was happy with the bike.

He also mentions that he is not a very experienced when it comes to off-roading and the main motive behind buying the Himalayan 452 was to improve his skills. He rides couple of rounds while sitting on the road. Once that was done, he started saddling and found that the bike felt a lot more settled. He was happy with the performance and after getting used to the riding style and the bike, he then started exploring the track a bit more. He started attempting to take jumps like other professional rider who was on the track.

Brand New Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 Crashed While Off-Roading [Video]
Himalayan crash

He did manage to do couple of them however the bike was not going airborne completely. On one such jumps, the rider lost control on the bike and he fell down. The same was captured in the video as well. As seen here in the video, the rider had his weight at the front while climbing up however, he forgot to shift the weight to the rear while coming down and this put a lot of pressure at the front. That is one reason why he lost control and they both fell down.

Luckily, the rider was not injured in any manner. This is probably the first time we have seen a video of a Himalyan 452 getting crashed in this way. The vlogger towards the end of the video shows how bad is the damage on the bike. As seen here the handle bar of the bike has a bend, similarly the clutch lever also got damaged. The Triple tree on the bike is also damaged. The vlogger also shows the gear lever that got damaged after the crash. He has to replace all these parts from an authorised service center and also get the bike serviced. The biker was wearing proper riding gear on the track and that helped him a lot in this crash. his GOPro mount on the helmet did break however, he never got any injuries on his body.