Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure motorcycle gets major reliability & quality BOOST: Here's how

Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure motorcycle gets major reliability & quality BOOST: Here’s how

Royal Enfield has given the Himalayan adventure motorcycle major reliability and quality boosts by changing its internal processes. These changes are both at the design and manufacturing levels to make sure that the finished bike is a lot more reliable than the first batch that was plagued with both quality and reliability issues.

The Himalayan that is exported to the United States also gets a unique pre-delivery inspection (PDI) process that is carried out a special PDI center at Dallas, where every bike goes through a 100 checkpoint process. This ‘standardization’ of PDI makes sure that the dealers get a much more reliable bike to sell to customers.

Eventually, the standardized PDI process that Royal Enfield has put in place for the North American market could be emulated in India as well. Once this happens, the number of issues plaguing Himalayans are likely to reduce even further. Pradeep Mathew, the Himalayan project lead, said,

We have gotten customer feedback in certain areas, and we continuously improve. We’ve been at it all this while. The emphasis is more on the manufacturing process and the kind of raw materials and processes we follow. We have state-of-the-art machining, manufacturing, and welding processes. The quality-control processes have been upgraded and have been meeting customer inputs. There’s a direct connection between the service team feeding back into the plant team, so they understand each other. On the design side, we have this new technical center in the UK and [one in] India. On the design side, quality-control side, manufacturing side, and also from the supply side, we have always been emphasizing quality and continuously improving it.

Royal Enfield has begun exporting the Himalayan adventure motorcycle to markets around the globe, including the highly discerning American and European markets, where lack of quality and reliability isn’t tolerated. If Royal Enfield gets reliability and quality right in these markets, it’s good news for the Indian Himalayan buyer as the motorcycle will improve a great deal. The Himalayan is a 411cc, adventure motorcycle with 24 Bhp and 32 Nm on tap. A 5 speed manual gearbox is standard. The motorcycle offers long travel suspension and high ground clearance. It also gets dual channel ABS in the export markets, and this feature will soon be offered on the Himalayan sold in India.

Via MotorcyclistOnline

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