Royal Enfield Himalayan denied entry into Radisson 5 star hotel: Angry biker videos the incident

For motorcycle enthusiasts, touring on bikes is one of the best activities to rekindle their lives. Though it is easier said than done, especially considering the extreme temperatures among other issues, a lot of people tour on their bikes round the year across India. During long hauls, a good stay is what can refresh one’s body and make it ready for the next day’s adventure. For the same, bikers usually prebook hotels along their biking route if the whole trip is preplanned. Good rest and healthy food are essential for the body in order to stay attentive on the road while riding the bikes and therefore a good sleep along with a healthy meal is a must.

The guys in the video below also had the same opinion and hence booked a hotel to stay before they started the next leg of their adventure. However, their experience at the hotel turned sour and the reason for it was them being on motorcycles. Absurd? Watch the video below before we get on to the details.

This video by Vikhyat shandilya actually shows a weird situation which would annoy any biker. The video starts with the guys giving a good look of their room and the amenities provided by the hotel. The hotel in question here is Radisson Blu Jodhpur. For the uninitiated, Radisson Blu is among the top 5-star hotel chains in India. However, a little later, the guys start addressing the problem they faced while checking into the hotel.

The video then switches to black and white mode to signify the timing of the incident, which happened on the previous day. The two guys were riding the Royal Enfield Himalayan each with full set of luggage in the form of saddlebags and tank bags. The Himalayan is quite a popular adventure tourer in India and has become the choice of many who like to go on long bike rides regularly.

Moving to the main issue here, the bikers are stopped by the guards at the hotel’s entrance when they approach it. On being asked, they said they had booked a room in the hotel and are checking in now. To this, the guard says that they can’t take their bikes in as that is not allowed as per the protocols. The guys then reply that they have a lot of luggage on their bike and will park them in the designated place once they unload the luggage but the guard does not let them pass. Meanwhile, we see a Toyota Innova Crysta and a Mahindra XUV500 entering the hotel premises without any issues.

Royal Enfield Himalayan denied entry into Radisson 5 star hotel: Angry biker videos the incident

They are later allowed on the premises after they talk to higher authorities of the hotel administration. By now, they are clearly frustrated over the fuss created over this petty issue. Why were the bikes not allowed inside the hotel premises is something which can be deemed as an internal policy of the hotel, the issue here is that how is someone supposed to carry their luggage all the way to the hotel when on a bike. This comes as a clear misunderstanding of protocols among the hotel staff.

This also comes as an example for other bikers and one should always ask for parking provisions before booking a hotel. If you are travelling on a bike/superbike and the hotel you have booked does not provide proper parking, that is a big issue. Also, while facing in a similar situation like the one here, ask the hotel staff to either allow the bikes inside in order to unload the luggage or else send a car to the parking in order to load the luggage.