Royal Enfield Himalayan FI starts showing up in dealerships

Royal Enfield Himalayan, the cheapest adventure motorcycle available in India was discontinued by the Indian brand earlier this year. The Himalayan was taken off from the showrooms after the BS IV norms kicked in the market from April 1, 2017. There were numerous speculations citing RE has taken off the Himalayan to improve the product.

Royal Enfield Himalayan FI starts showing up in dealerships

While many reports claimed that the motorcycle will be relaunched in the Indian market in August but now the launch is expected to happen in October while the bookings will start from September. However, fuel injected Royal Enfield Himalayan have started showing up in various dealerships in Southern India.

The motorcycle that has been spotted gets same body visually and the only change is the petcock that gets replaced because of the fuel injection system. The 411cc, long-stroke engine will remain same and the power output of 24 Bhp at 6,500 rpm is also expected to be the same. The engine has a peak torque output of 32 Nm at 4,250 rpm and the engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

The Royal Enfield dealerships are accepting bookings for the fuel injected Himalayan at Rs. 5,500 and the motorcycle deliveries will start within two months. The earlier speculations about the motorcycle getting revamped have been debunked.

Royal Enfield Himalayan FI starts showing up in dealerships

The Himalayan was launched in March 2016 and the motorcycle received a lot of negative feedback from the customers due to its quality issues. Royal Enfield also exports the fuel injected models to the various international markets around the world.

Royal Enfield Himalayan FI starts showing up in dealerships

Currently, Royal Enfield is working on a parallel-twin 750cc motorcycle based on the Continental GT. The upcoming model was spied recently in different forms that led to a speculation that Royal Enfield will launch two different versions of the motorcycle in the market – a classic look and a cafe racer.

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