Royal Enfield Himalayan frame allegedly CRACKS at 40 Kph; Rider miraculously escapes unhurt

A week ago, Jason D’Souza, a Royal Enfield Himayalan owner from Mumbai, had the scare of his life. According to him, his Himalayan’s frame cracked while he was riding at about 30-40 Kph. While Jason managed to stop the motorcycle safely and escaped unhurt, he was left fuming at the poor quality of the Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Himalayan with broken frame 1

A motorcycle’s frame breaking is serious, and at high speeds could end up in the bike going out of control. The rider now wants to return the Himalayan to Royal Enfield, and doesn’t want to purchase another motorcycle from the brand, ever again.

When the rider approached the nearest Royal Enfield service center to him, they asked him to claim insurance for the cracked frame. The rider is now contemplating legal action against Royal Enfield. The motorcycle, which has run 7,000 Kms, is barely a year old, and was purchased in June 2016.

Royal Enfield Himalayan owners have been complaining about troublesome bikes with poor quality parts. Why, a consumer court has even directed Royal Enfield to refund a Himalayan owner, who continued to face multiple issues on his bike despite service centers trying to fix them.

Is there any other angle to this story?

In this specific case of the Himalayan’s frame cracking, some say that it could be the result of heavy abuse rather than poor metallurgy. Mal Mathers, an Australian who claims to have about 30 years experience in the welding industry has this to say about the frame breaking,

Yes, for sure only an accident or continual abuse such as hard touch down from wheel stand or jumping do this. And if you look closely, the bottom is rusted while the top is clean. This indicates that it has failed on bottom section first and later the top in my opinion. I was a welder fabricator for over 30 years.

A few riders in India have also said similar things, pointing to abuse being the cause of the frame giving way. However, the Himalayan-owner Jason disagrees and says that both the top and bottom parts of the frame on his bike broke at the same time. Over to Royal Enfield now.

Close-up images of the cracked frame

Royal Enfield Himalayan with broken frame 3 Royal Enfield Himalayan with broken frame 4 Royal Enfield Himalayan with broken frame 2

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