Royal Enfield Himalayan, KTM Duke 390 & 3 Harley Davidsons tackle India’s most dangerous roads [Video]

The Himalayan region in India has some extremely dangerous roads. A group of motorcycle riders on a Royal Enfield Himalayan, KTM 390 Duke, Harley-Davidson Street 750, Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight and Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic decided to take on the dangerous roads to the last Indian village in Uttarakhand.

This part of the video shows the riders taking on extremely challenging terrains when the group was going towards the China border after crossing the Mana village. Mana is the last Indian inhabited village towards China in Uttarakhand, The unpaved roads throw up quite a few challenges to the biking group.

The videos show most of the footage from the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic and the Duke 390 and both of the bikes can be seen struggling on a few parts. However, the Harley-Davidson being heavier, it can be seen that the rider was struggling to take it out of the water crossings.

The unpaved roads throw up various challenges like loose dirt, landslides, snow surfaces, rain and slush too. As per the video, the biker claimed that the road conditions were so bad that they could only reach a top speed of 15 km/h, which is crawling speed. The video also claims that they were riding at about 13,000 feet.

Riding at this height can be challenging as the air pressure drops down and oxygen level goes down too. But all the bikes in the group had fuel injection systems. The fuel injected engines get the right amount of fuel that is regulated by a sensor in the injection system and ensures that there is no misfiring or power loss. This is a common problem in carburetted bikes.

All the bikes seen here were in stock condition and the video did not report any problem with any of the bikes. All the bikes were from different segments but together all of them worked quite well to cover the treacherous roads. It shows it is not all about the bikes and the riding skills while riding through such terrains. After the continuous rain, the group of riders decided to head back to the base. While coming back, the group shows the Mana village before heading to the hotel.

The KTM 390 Duke is a street naked bike that is powered by a 373cc engine generating 43 Bhp and 36 Nm. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is an adventure bike that is powered by a 411cc engine that generates 24.5 Bhp and 32 Nm. All the three Harley-Davidsons are cruiser bikes and are powered by different engine options. The Street 750 is the most affordable Harley-Davidson in India and is powered by a 749cc V-Twin engine, which makes 60 Nm. The Heritage Classic is powered by a 1,745cc V-Twin engine that generates 144 Nm of torque. The Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight is powered by a 1,202cc twin cylinder engine that generates a maximum of 96 Nm.