Royal Enfield Himalayan modified to look like a Harley-Davidson costs a mind boggling Rs 7 lakh

There is no doubt in the fact that the Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the most-preferred motorcycles when it comes to modifications. There are different levels of modifications that can be seen on the Royal Enfield motorcycles. While a few of them are basic level modifications that alter the way the bike looks while there are many transformation jobs that completely changes the way the motorcycle looks. Here is one such modified Royal Enfiled bike that has been transformed into a Harley-Davidson inspired chopper.

The customisation job has been done by the renowned TNT Motorcycles and the video has uploaded by Vampvideo. The whole customisation job costs Rs 7 lakh according to the video. However, the job done on the motorcycle is exceptional and it sure has all the looks to turn the heads on the roads. This video shows the bike from various angles and also explains the modifications done by TNT motorcycles.

To start with, the whole set-up gets a custom chassis that completely changes the way the motorcycle looks in stock form. The custom chassis lower the ground clearance of the bike and it is also much longer than the stock version of the Royal Enfield motorcycle. This changes the whole look of the bike. The custom bike also gets a wide rear tyre and a tall front tyre that gives a chopper stance to the bike. It gets multispoke rims with golden colour spokes that look quite interesting on the bike and go with the overall theme of the bike.

Even the chassis gets the black and golden paint job. The headlamp in the front looks simple and gets a golden coloured grille placed in the front. The tank design looks quite interesting and the bike gets a minimalistic design with a lot of empty spaces in between. The fuel tank is secured at the spot using multiple wires that are tied to the chassis. The handlebar also gets a minimalistic design with leather handlebar grips. The single-leather seat is positioned away from the fuel tank, which ensures a very relaxed riding position.

Royal Enfield Himalayan modified to look like a Harley-Davidson costs a mind boggling Rs 7 lakh

It is a hardtail model, which means there is no rear suspension in the bike. Instead, the suspension is positioned just below the seat to provide a cushioned ride quality. Also, the electrical box, where all the fuses and wires are placed has been designed quite interestingly. It is designed like a barrel and is secured by a number of wires. The battery box of the bike gets a leather casing, which is similar to the seat. The naked chain of the bike adds a rustic look to it. Overall, the motorcycle looks quite admirable.

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