Watch how this beautifully customized Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle was built [video]

Royal Enfields have always been very close to the hearts of motorcycling community and they also serve as a perfect donor motorcycles for various modification projects. We have seen several tastefully modified Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past both from India and around the world. Royal Enfields still have that cult following and the Himalayan is one of the affordable adventure tourer motorcycle available in the segment and it is often modified too. Here we have a video of a custom made Himalayan motorcycle that is known as Marlboro Man.

The video has been uploaded by Ricochet Motorcycles on their youtube channel. The video shows the whole modification process of this bike. The whole bike is rebuilt in a way that it can handle any type of terrain without compromising the on-road ride comfort. Himalayan is heavy motorcycle and the customisers had be replace almost all the components. The rear sun frame has also been replaced.

The front suspension on the RE Himalayan was replaced with USD forks with custom made springs. This helped them increase the ride height by about 2 inches. The wheelbase of the motorcycle also decreased and that helped in improving the handling part. Next, the 21 inch stock wheels on Himalayan was replaced with chunky looking 18 inch spoke wheels with matte black and brushed aluminium finish to it.

Watch how this beautifully customized Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle was built

Braking duties are now handled by a Brembo caliper. The exhaust on this motorcycle is a custom made unit and the bend pipe was hand built to increase the back pressure and initial torque. The rear sprocket on this motorcycle has also been replaced with a unit with more teeths. This has improved the gearing ratios and thus resulting in increased initial acceleration.

The air filter on this bike was also replaced with a K&N unit for better intake. There is a custom made 3 dimensional race plate with number  9 on the side of the bike. A custom made engine bash plate  was also installed on the bike to protect the engine. The only thing that this motorcycle retains is the old 15 litre fuel tank and that was done as per owner’s suggestions as he likes to take this motorcycle for long distance riding. The odometer on this motorcycle is also a digital unit and the headlamps and front mudguard have also been replaced. Overall, the modified Himalayan or ‘Marlboro Man’ looks beautiful and is motorcycle that can be ridden hard off-road.