Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycle crossing off-road obstacles

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is the most affordable adventure bike that you can buy in the market right now. The Himalayan faced a lot of flak when it initially came out because of several quality issues. However, Royal Enfield took the motorcycle out of production to fix it properly and launch it in the BS IV version. The Himalayan is the choice of many riders and many adventure tourers. But how capable is the motorcycle?

Here is a video showing that. This is a camp set up by Royal Enfield or a Royal Enfield dealer at a private property. The camp allows riders and prospective customers to take a test ride of the Himalayan through artificial obstacles. A few obstacles have been made on the course that allows the ride to test the capability of the bike properly. The Himalayan gets a ground clearance of 220 mm, which is the highest among affordable bikes available in India. The high ground clearance with long travel suspension allows the Himalayan to take on the most complicated obstacles without any problem.

This video shows the Himalayan taken through a rocky terrain, slush pit, tyre obstacle, big humps and rough humps. All the obstacles tested the capability of the Himalayan to the core. The rocky terrain tests the capability of the tyres and the suspension. The slush pit allows the rider to see how deep the bike can go underwater and also how it handles under the slippery sections of the road. It is important to know if the bike can be stable in such sections. The obstacle where the rider has to go through the empty tyres tests the suspension of the bike and is quite challenging. The humps show how good the ground clearance of the motorcycle is.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is powered by a single-cylinder 41-cc engine that generates a maximum of 24.5 Bhp and 32 Nm of peak torque. It gets a fuel injection system that ensures that the power delivery is maintained even at high altitudes. The bike gets disc brakes on both the wheels but ABS is missing even as an optional choice.