Royal Enfield Himalayan owner CONNED at a petrol bunk: Scam on video

There is a good chance that you have been conned at least once at a petrol bunk if you own a car/bike. In past, a lot of methods have come in light that is practised by fuel station owners/employees to earn some extra bucks. This includes fuel adulteration and quantity loss among other scams. However, the video below shows another scam which was faced recently by a Royal Enfield Himalayan owner. Check out the video to see how things unfold and how the Himalayan owner finally realized that he is being duped.

The video starts with a Royal Enfield Himalayan owner on his way to a petrol bunk. As he reaches the fuel station, he asks one of the attendants to fill Rs. 50 worth of petrol in his bike. A bit later, the attendant takes the fuel hose, feeds in the values to the filler machine and starts filling the bike’s fuel tank. At the same time, the cashier guy asks for the money and the Royal Enfield guy obliges by giving him a Rs. 500 note. For some reason, the cashier passes on the note to the attendant who was filling the fuel who in turn took out a wad of note from his pocket after filling the fuel.

This is where the scamster comes into play. He counts the change twice and then hands it over to the bike owner. However, the video has been slowed down afterwards to show how slyly the attendant switched the notes and didn’t pay the full change to the bike owner. He was so swift in his actions though that it left little to no doubt in the bike owners mind. In fact, the attendant counted the notes twice in front of the Himalayan owner so that he is convinced. But just before handing over the change to the owner, the attendant swiftly put one Rs. 100 note back in the wad and gave the rest of the change to the bike owner.

Royal Enfield Himalayan owner CONNED at a petrol bunk: Scam on video

Now these types of scams aren’t exactly a novelty in our country and for the same, it is always advised to always check the change before stuffing it back in the wallet. According to the Royal Enfield Himalayan owner, he thought that the money has been misplaced and it was only when he sat down to edit the video that he caught the scamster in his move.

While it may seem like an ordinary case on the first look, this can cause bigger monetary damage if the currency note was of a bigger denomination. In fact, this type of scam can happen at any place where direct cash exchange takes place. A lot of time people just keep in the change without counting it due to the lack of time or if they are engrossed in a conversation. But one should always make sure to check the cash and calculate the amount to nullify any risk of being conned.