Royal Enfield Himalayan owner dodging robbers is legendary stuff [Video]

Vehicle theft is a common occurrence in many parts of the world. In India, we have come across several cases where thieves have stolen bikes and cars parked outside houses. In many countries, people even forcefully steal cars and bikes from their owners. One such video has been circulating online lately. The video has gone viral because it shows how a Royal Enfield Himalayan rider successfully dodges robbers and makes them leave the scene without his motorcycle.

The video we are sharing here was posted by Anjali Dubey on X (formerly Twitter). The incident was captured on a CCTV camera placed on a street. In the video, we can see a delivery agent on a motorcycle busy with his work when a Royal Enfield Himalayan rider passes him. The Himalayan rider is followed by two robbers on another motorcycle. The pillion rider on the other bike likely had a gun or some sort of weapon in his hand. This forced the Himalayan rider to slow down and stop the bike.

The pillion rider got off the bike and started pointing the weapon toward the Himalayan rider. The rider got off the bike, as he was not expecting anything like this to happen when he started riding that morning. The delivery boy, who was standing next to the other motorcycle, can be seen walking away from the area to save himself. The robber pointed the gun and asked the Himalayan rider to move away and take off his helmet.

Royal Enfield Himalayan owner dodging robbers is legendary stuff [Video]
Himalayan robbery attempt

The Himalayan rider followed the instructions and handed over the helmet and the bike. The biker moved away from the spot. Up to this point, everything seemed fine, and it appeared to be a successful mission for the robbers. However, the robber then wore the helmet and got on the Himalayan. As he sat on the motorcycle, the Himalayan owner came running and pushed the bike. The robber lost balance, and the bike fell down.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a heavy motorcycle, even without the topbox. The robber was not expecting anything like that. He got up and tried to get hold of the owner, but the owner ran away. His partner also tried to distract the owner so that he could ride the bike away. The robber somehow managed to pick up the bike and sat on it again. The owner once again came running and pushed the bike.

The robber fell down again. This happened a couple of times, and by this time, the robbers had realized that they were losing precious time and the chances of getting caught were high. When they realized that the owner of the bike was not going to leave his bike, they simply left the scene on the bike they arrived in. The Royal Enfield Himalayan rider’s presence of mind should be appreciated in this case. He didn’t simply run away from the scene; he did everything he could to save his bike. The video has been circulating online, and we can see many people appreciating how the biker remained calm and used his wits in this situation.

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