Royal Enfield Himalayan owner reviews a BMW G310 GS adventure bike [Video]

BMW claims the G310 GS to be a good adventure bike. Currently, its only rival is the Royal Enfield Himalayan, which costs only Rs 1.79 lakh. Although the price of the BMW G310 GS is Rs 3.49 lakh ex-showroom, the company claims that it offers a great blend of on and off-road performance, packed in a premium BMW packaging. This claim is put to the test when a Royal Enfield Himalayan owner tests out the new Beemer. Check out the video below.

According to the rider, the BMW G310 GS has a number of pros and cons. He discusses them throughout the video as he test rides the bike on Chandigarh roads. In his approximate ride of 12 km, he rides through traffic and on empty roads as well. Here’s what he thinks of the bike.



Right off the bat, the first thing which the rider notices, is the absence of weight which he is familiar with as an RE owner. The lightweight chassis of the BMW works wonders and keeps the overall dry weight of the bike at 170 kg, while the Himalayan’s weight is around 191 kg.


Riding through the city traffic, the rider notices the nimble steering of the G310 GS. The bike is easy for him to filter through the city traffic and is able to pass through gaps, without difficulty. The rider also compares the handling of the G310 GS with the Duke 390 and establishes the Beemer as the better one.


Brakes work effectively, according to the rider. They are confidence-inspiring and have a good bite in them. The ABS too works just as well and brings the rider safely to a halt, even in an emergency situation.

Good engine for touring

The 33.6 HP produced at 9500 RPM allows the engine to be revved higher, easily. The bike feels very comfortable at cruising speeds of 110-120 kmph. The engine also performs very well and feels under no stress, at this speed range.

Good ride quality

The long stroke travel suspension is finely tuned for handling and comfort, which is visible in the rider’s review. The bike feels comfortable to ride in the city and can be ridden for long hours, on the highway.

Dual purpose tyres

Tyres are not fully committed to off-roading, and as a result, they offer plenty of grip on the normal road surfaces. The grip of the Metzeler tyres is great, even under hard braking scenarios.

Charm of the BMW

The bike is definitely a looker and gathers everyone’s attention. The carefully put together components reek of quality and the overall feel of the machine is very premium. In short, the bike is very successful in making the rider feel very special.


No spoked wheels

According to the rider, the alloy wheels do not justify the adventure nature of the motorcycle. Such wheels might become a liability while taking the bike to extreme off-road places like the Spiti Valley. Although he mentions that he hasn’t tested the bike off-road, he feels more confident in taking his Himalayan off-road.

Less low-end torque:

The low-end grunt, especially below 3000 RPM, is very less. The G310 GS only produces 28 NM of torque @7500 RPM, while the Himalayan delivers 32 NM @4250 RPM.

Expensive maintenance

According to the rider, the first service of the BMW G310 GS costs around Rs 4000, for oil and oil filter change only. This increases the running cost of the bike by quite a significant amount.

High seat height

The 835 mm of seat height is a bit tall for the rider. He mentioned that he is just 5ft 9in tall and it is difficult for him to get both of his foot down while riding. Considering the adventure nature of the bike, the tall seat height is understandable, so it is not exactly a con.

Only 11-litre fuel tank

Considering the touring character of the bike, the small fuel tank seems like a bane. The bike can only hold 11 litres of fuel, including reserve. It is very less for a bike which one intends to take for adventures.


The Rs. 3.49 lakh ex-showroom price tag, which rounds up to almost Rs 4 lakh on road, is a lot of money for many riders. The rider says that a Rs 3.5 lakh on road price, would have suited his budget more.

The BMW G310R and G310 GS are two entry-level motorcycles which the company has recently launched in India. Initial impressions of a lot of people reveal that the price is a little too much for the product. The final picture will be revealed in the long term.

Video courtesy TheIndianMotoVentures

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