Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 TVC leaked ahead of launch

Royal Enfield will be launching the Himalayan Scram 411 on 15th March. The Chennai-based manufacturer has been teasing new motorcycle for quite a while. Earlier, some pictures and the details of the motorcycle were also leaked online. Now, the entire TVC of the Scram 411 has been leaked online.

In the video, we can see the motorcycle performing city duties as well as going off-road. So, the Scram 411 is quite versatile. It is basically a less hardcore version of the Himalayan. Royal Enfield has made several changes to get the Scram 411.

It will come with a single piece seat instead of the split seats that we get on Himalayan. The Himalayan already had one of the best seats so we expect that the new single piece seat will also be quite comfortable.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 TVC leaked ahead of launch

Then we have the instrument cluster. The Scram 411 would not have the Himalayan’s instrument cluster which has a lot of dials. Instead, the Scram 411 would come with a single-pod instrument cluster from the Meteor 350. We are expecting that Royal Enfield will also offer their Tripper Navigation which would show directions to the rider by connecting to Royal Enfield Application.

The front tall windscreen has been replaced with a metal cowl. This has been done because the Scram would be mostly used in the city so it does not need a tall windscreen. Then the front beak-like mudguard has also been removed in favour of a regular mudguard. Then there is the side skeleton which is no longer there. Instead, there are new tank shrouds. All of these things have cleaned the look of the Scram 411 when compared to the Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 TVC leaked ahead of launch

The headlamp is still the same as the Himalayan. It is a circular unit that uses a halogen bulb as the main unit and a small LED. The rear LED tail lamp and the turn indicators are also the same as Himalayan. However, the turn indicators are mounted differently. The rear luggage guard has been removed and replaced with a regular grab rail. There are also fork gaiters on offer.

Royal Enfield will offer a sump guard as standard on the Scram 411. This would protect the engine from big rocks while off-roading. The front-wheel no longer measures 21-inches, Scram now gets a 19-inch wheel while the rear one still measures 17-inches. Tyres being used by Royal Enfield are dual-purpose ones. The wheels are spoked-type so there won’t be tubeless tyres on offer.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Scram 411 TVC leaked ahead of launch

The ground clearance has reduced from 220 mm to 200 mm which is still enough for mild off-roading and tackling big speed breakers. There will be a disc in the front and the rear. Dual-channel Anti-lock braking system would be offered as standard on Scram 411. Himalayan allows the rider to disable the ABS on the rear wheel. As of now, we do not know whether Scram 411 would allow the rider to do the same or not.

There would  be no changes to the engine. It would be the same 411 cc, air-oil cooled engine. It produces 24.3 bhp and 32 Nm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

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