This Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is a Himalayan in disguise


The Himalayan is known to be a great off-roader that can also be used for touring. Having said that, it has lacked that punch from the engine that people want when they are touring or while off-roading. Since the launch of the 650 twins, which are in great demand, people are hoping that Royal Enfield would offer them a Himalayan with that 650 cc parallel-twin engine. However, till now there is no official announcement from the manufacturer regarding a more powerful version of the Himalayan.

Due to this many people have started modifying their own Interceptor 650 to be more functional off-road and for touring. Here, we have an Interceptor 650 that has been modified by Eimor Customs so that it can truly go off-roading. The motorcycle is known as ‘Laila’ out of affection and the photos have been uploaded to the Eimor Customs Facebook page.

The thinking behind the motorcycle was simple. They wanted an all-terrain motorcycle like the Himalayan that was also as refined and powerful as the Interceptor 650. So, they decided to keep the stock chassis but would modify other bits like suspension setup, wheels, tyres, design etc.

The first thing that the shop wanted to do is to lose weight because that is one of the most important things while going off-roading and it will also help with other bits. The stock exhaust was replaced by TEC Stinger 2-1 which is a stainless steel exhaust that comes from London. Instead of two individual exhausts, the TEC Stinger 2-1 combines both of them into one and places it on the right side of the motorcycle. The exhaust alone dropped the weight by 14 kgs. While off-roading crash guards are important so the shop had to make a custom guard that was light as well. The crash guard weighs only 4 kgs while the seat base and skid plate are made from fiberglass. Then there are the custom side panels that are made from aluminium to keep the weight down. Also, to increase the performance the stock air filter was replaced by two KnN air filters for each air intake. 

To give a proper off-road look, there is a high-mounted front mudguard that has been borrowed from the Himalayan, a guard for the headlight and other functional upgrades. The stock headlamp has been replaced by Trucklite 27270 CMP while the tail light and the battery have been kept stock. The paint job is also quite attractive. It has been painted in Pearl White with the chassis painted in red colour.

The same red colour has been used for pinstriping and for ‘Royal Enfield’ badging. The engine is painted in matte black. The stock circular rearview mirrors have been replaced by doubletake side-view mirrors. There is a custom made seat and there is a 12V accessory socket that has been installed.  You can also mount a 5-litre gasoline tank on to the side. 

Then we come to the mechanical upgrades done for the off-roading. The stock front and rear wheel size of the Interceptor 650 is 18-inches which has been replaced by a 21-inch front and 17-inch rear. It now runs on  Metzeler Karoo 3 which are off-road biased tyres. At the front, they are using Himalayan’s tubes with a YSS fork enhancement kit and for the rear YSS rear shock absorber for Himalayan.

Now, this was a challenge for Eimor Customs. The stock suspension setup of the Interceptor comes with dual-shock absorbers whereas the suspension that the shop wanted to use was a mono-shock. Due to this, they had to modify quite a few things. The electric wiring, relays, fuse box and battery were repositioned so that they do not get in way of the mono-shock. The swingarm and the chassis have also been altered for the new rear mono-shock. Thanks to the upgraded suspension setup, the ground clearance of the motorcycle has gone up which is very helpful for off-roading.