Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 gets great-sounding, scrambler-style Termignoni exhaust [Video]

Royal Enfield 650 Twins have become a grand success for the brand in the Indian market. The first-ever parallel-twin cylinder powered Indian Royal Enfield bikes are also the most affordable twin-cylinder bike available in the country. Since Royal Enfield bikes are one of the most favoured bikes by the customisation garages in India, the modified versions of the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 are already out. There are also a few exhaust manufacturers who have launched aftermarket products for brand-new bikes. Termignoni, a well-known Italian brand that expertise in various aftermarket exhausts has launched a Scrambler-styled exhaust system for the Interceptor and it looks amazing on the bike.

Apart from the way it looks, the Termignoni exhaust on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 also sounds incredible. The scrambler-styled exhaust system on the bike adds off-road favoured look on the bike. It is a double-barrel design that carries out the exhaust gases separately from each cylinder of the Royal Enfield bikes. Design-wise, it looks astounding. There are a thick insulating material and heat shield in the middle that saves the rider and the pillion from the hot exhaust.

With the stock exhausts, both the new 650cc bikes get a rumbling exhaust note but that’s not loud enough for many. The new Termignoni exhaust system changes that completely. It is a full exhaust system and is not a slip-on, which ensures a completely different, deeper sound effect with the bikes. The exhaust muffler also looks extremely good with a layered design. Only installing this scrambler-styled exhaust will transform the complete look of the bike.

However, the bike seen in the video gets a few other changes too. There is an aftermarket bash plate installed in front of the engine, which gets a nice aluminium finish. It should be noted that the stock Royal Enfield Interceptor has twin exhausts too but both of them are placed on either side of the bike. The Termignoni exhaust system is placed on the right side of the bike. Due to the higher placement of the exhaust, the ground clearance of the bike improves by a few millimetres while the water-wading capability of the bike improves too. Also, the bike seen in the picture with Termignoni exhaust gets aftermarket off-road-spec big block tyres, which completely changes the way the bike looks.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 gets great-sounding, scrambler-style Termignoni exhaust [Video]

Royal Enfield does not offer any official aftermarket exhaust system for the Interceptor and the Continental GT 650. In the international markets though, both the bikes get an option of upgrading to the S&S exhaust system. Even the Termignoni exhaust is not available in the Indian market but one can source it from the international markets. The exact price of the exhaust is not known but the price should be around Rs 50,000.