Royal Enfield Interceptor with 865cc big bore kit from Hitchcocks motorcycles makes 60 Bhp

Royal Enfield (RE) is one of the most popular motorcycle brand in India and around the world. Royal Enfield is world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer still in production. They have a variety of models in their line up and are known for their retro looking modern motorcycles. Couple of years ago, Royal Enfield had launched two new motorcycles in the market. The motorcycles were Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. These are currently the most affordable twin cylinder motorcycle one can buy in country. Just like other Royal Enfield motorcycles, Interceptor also has a lot of potential when it comes to modifications. Here we have an Royal Enfield Interceptor which now gets a 865 big bore kit and several other performance upgrades on it.

The video has been uploaded by Wildlife Moto on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the vlogger riding his own Interceptor 650 to check out the modified motorcycle. Once the vlogger reached Hitchcocks motorcycles, he discovers that they have a collection of old Royal Enfield motorcycles in their garage. Then the vlogger quickly moves to Interceptor 865.

From outside, the motorcycle looks all stock. There were cosmetic changes made to the basic look of the motorcycle, except for the exhaust pipes. The stock exhaust system was replaced with a custom made free-flowing headers and Enfield precision end cans. The main modification on this motorcycle is however the engine itself. It is not a 650-cc motorcycle anymore. Hitchcoks motorcycles have installed a 865 big bore kit in the motorcycle which has improved the capacity and performance of the motorcycle.

Other than that, they have also installed a new cam shaft, Hagon shocks at the rear, S&S performance clutch and the air and fuel ratio has also been optimised using power commander with custom map. All these changes may not be visible on the motorcycle from outside and we feel that is what makes it special. From outside, it looks like any other Interceptor on road but, once you start riding it, you realise the difference.

Royal Enfield Interceptor with 865cc big bore kit from Hitchcocks motorcycles makes 60 Bhp

All these modification on the motorcycle has definitely improved the performance of the motorcycle. In the video, it is mentioned that in stock form, Interceptor 650 was generating 40 Bhp on the wheels whereas after installing the big bore kit and many other modifications, the motorcycle now generates 60 bhp on the rear wheel. The modification has seen a bump of 20 Bhp in power and that is actually great.

Hitchcoks motorcycles say that, the modification has not affected the handling of the motorcycle in any way. The vlogger then takes it for a spin and finds it to be an absolutely fun motorcycle to ride. He can be heard saying on video that it has enough low end torque and has a very lazy nature at lower speeds. That is something the vlogger likes about his motorcycle but, the moment you twist the throttle, the overall character changes and the bike starts gaining speed.

All those changes or modifications made to the motorcycle directly reflects the performance of the motorcycle and the vlogger was pretty impressed with it. Royal Enfield is currently working on several new motorcycles and is also working on existing models. They will be launching a 2021 version Classic 350, a 650-cc cruiser motorcycle and a 350-cc scrambler is also spotted testing several times.