Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 acceleration & exhaust note: This video may tempt you

Royal Enfield launched the much awaited 650 twins in India on 14th of November, 2018. The motorcycles had been getting rave reviews form the markets where it had already been launched. They are the most powerful and advanced bikes the company ever sold in India.

We had been persistently asked one question in particular by our readers, ever since the launch. The question is that how does the Interceptor 650 or the Continental GT 650 sound. So today, we are here with the answer.

Now since you have watched the video, we are quite sure that you would have realised that the Interceptor sounds quite different from the regular dose of Royal Enfield motorcycles out there. This can be attributed to the fact that the interceptor has a twin cylinder engine. The motorcycle has  the typical twin cylinder heaviness in the exhaust note.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 acceleration & exhaust note: This video may tempt you

Talking about the exhaust note in particular, we found it quite lovely. Thumbing the starter greets one with a sonorous low pitch rumble, almost like a grumble from a sleeping lion. Revving the bike on neutral leads to a more high pitched sound but that rumble remains, reminding you that it’s still a Royal Enfield. Unlike the loud thump from the company’s 500 cc and 350 cc engines, this 648 cc motors is subtle and overpowering at the same time. Distinctive, we say.

Accelerating the bike through gears, we hear a clear burbling sound which is quite addictive to listen. The sound is somewhat similar to what some high end cruiser motorcycles produce, albeit a bit low on volume and intensity. Unlike the other Royal Enfield motorcycles which go on to produce more thump as pushed harder, the Interceptor 650 let’s you enjoy without revving too much. In fact, maintaining the bike at appropriate revs rewards one with the sweetest exhaust note. This is not to say the bike does not like to be pushed, but easy riding is rewarded by a bassy burble that becomes addictive as you continue riding the bike.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 acceleration & exhaust note: This video may tempt you

The Interceptor 650 is powered by a 648 cc, twin cylinder, air/oil cooled engine that produces 47 Bhp of power along with 52 Nm of torque. It is mated to a 6-speed gear box with a slipper clutch, a first for the company. The engine disposes the waste gases through two slightly up swept silencers, which do a great acoustic job.

Internationally, Royal Enfield also offers a custom S&S aftermarket exhaust upgrade which further enhances the exhaust sound of the bike. However, it is not yet available in India. Prices for the Interceptor 650 start at Rs. 2.34 Lakhs and go on till Rs. 2.70 lakhs, which is a steal if you consider the whole package.

Royal Enfield has also launched the Continental GT 650, a cafe racer styled motorcycle that shares its engine and most other parts with the Interceptor 650.  The Cafe Racer is slightly pricier, with prices starting from a little under Rs 2.5 lakhs.

The biggest difference between the Interceptor and Continental GT 650 comes in the form of three changes – the fuel tank, handle bar and positioning of the foot pegs. But the engine remains exactly the same, and so does wheelbase and brakes, so the Continental GT would behave almost exactly the same way on the road.

Video courtesy Bharat Padukone